Game of Thrones’ Bryan Cogman dives into “Baelor” and “Kissed by Fire”

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Bryan Cogman continues his Twitter trip down memory lane. The Game of Thrones writer is counting down through his favorite episodes, and he’s already provided insights numbers 10-6: “Fire and Blood,” “Two Swords,” “And Now His Watch Is Ended,” and “The Rains of Castamere.” Now, we bring you his look into number 5 and 4, starting with the Season 1 classic “Baelor,” aka “The One Where Ned Stark Dies.”

First, Cogman talks about how each of the writers and producers mentioned in the opening credits get to design their own sigils, which appear next to their names.

See? Already this live-tweeting session is paying off already.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

Honestly, it’s a bit disheartening that even HBO was wary about this stuff, especially considering that Ned was going to die in a couple of episodes anyway. C’mon, HBO! You’re supposed to be the network that shakes things up!

He fooled you! He fooled all of us!

It’s “may-ster,” then.

And that ended up working like gangbusters. Sometimes simpler is better, except when it isn’t.

As I recall, the writers scripted a bunch of new scenes in Season 1 after the fact to fill time. I didn’t know this was one of them.

Considering that the show dropped the Tysha narrative later in the series, was it needed at all? Discuss.

Ooh, I’d buy the hell out of that book.

Yes, the battles have certainly become more impressive as the show’s gone on. I hope they don’t forget about fracturing, though! Those subversive moments are part of the what I really enjoy about the show.

That’s quite interesting—I’d have figured Martin would be in favor of including more characters, but he’d worked in TV before, so he probably knew the value of consolidation.

Yep, good call, there.

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