Check out six photos from “Home,” the next Game of Thrones episode


HBO has released a batch of photos from “Home,” the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 6. At first glance, there isn’t a lot going on in the photos, but they tell us a few things. Let’s take a look.

Meera Reed sitting outside in the snow. The most interesting part of this shot is that Meera is clearly outside. Last we checked, leaving the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave was dangerous, at least if you consider undead skeletons wielding swords dangerous. Have the wights given up and packed it in for the winter? Not likely.

Alliser Thorne taking his official Night’s Watch ID card photo.

Dolorous Edd! Our favorite grumpy Night’s Watchman! Last we saw Edd, he was off to secure the wildlings’ help in defending Jon Snow’s corpse. The background seems almost identical to the one in the picture of Alliser Thorne, so we can assume that Edd will return to Castle Black at some point during the episode. Does that mean we can expect Wun Wun and the rest of the wildling band to with him and wreak havoc?

Looks like a Greyjoy family reunion here. Yara seems none to pleased with something Balon has told her, so we can expect to have some sort of Iron Islands family feud in the episode. Paging Euron Greyjoy.

Here we have a shot similar to ones released during the off-season, of Bran Stark strolling through Winterfell. Boy, how he’s grown! Bran looks fairly calm here, perhaps even happy, so we’re going to assume that this is a good memory he’s experiencing.

If you could call any of these images juicy, this would be the one. This looks like it’s a shot from a conversation we’ve seen in the trailers, the one where Tyrion says that dragons do poorly in captivity. Are Rhaegal and Viserion causing problems?When dragons have problems, everyone has problems. Here’s hoping we see the last two of Dany’s children unleashed on the Sons of the Harpy sooner than later!