The title for Season 6, Episode 4 may have been leaked


“The Red Woman” has already happened, and we know the titles for the next two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6: “Home” and “Oathbreaker.” Now, we may know the title for the fourth. Stop reading now if you wish to avoid SPOILERS.

May you find freedom from spoilers.

The website for HBOAsia uploaded the title to its Game of Thrones episode page. Per HBOAsia, the title for Episode 4 is “Book of the Stranger.” This doesn’t guarantee that this is indeed the episode title, but it’s strong evidence.

Assuming this is the real title, it suggests that the Faith, the Sparrows, and the Faith Militant will be involved in the episode. It seems to be referencing a section of the Seven-Pointed Star, the holy text of the Faith of the Seven. That book is divided into different sections, each of which deal with a different aspect of the religion. The only section mentioned specifically in George R.R. Martin’s novels is “the Maiden’s book” (Septon Meribald mentions it to Brienne in A Feast for Crows). If the Maiden gets a book to herself, it stands to reason that each of the religion’s seven deities get one, including the Stranger. Hence: “Book of the Stranger.”

The Stranger, who usually appears cloaked and whose gender is left purposefully ambiguous, is the Westerosi god most closely associated with death, so the title is pretty ominous. In addition to implicating the Sparrows, it could also apply to the recently dead. Game of Thrones is seldom in short supply where they’re concerned…

Personally, I think the title is pretty evocative. What do you guys think?

h/t Watchers on the Wall