Maisie Williams’ POV on the Season 6 LA Premiere

One of the things that Game of Thrones has lost from page to screen is the personal point of view of certain characters. Though this has given the show many new avenues to tell the story—allowing us to see Cersei and Jaime’s private moments years before we ever got an intimate view on the page, for example—there are times when, as a book reader, I miss seeing how a certain character might experience a scene from their perspective alone.

Which is why seeing Maisie Williams post her own POV chapter from a Game of Thrones scene was utterly delightful yesterday. Now, it’s not a scene in the show—that would be illegal. But it is a scene alright—the one from the Red Carpet premiere of the first episode of Season 6 in Los Angeles back in April.

Not only do we get to see the red carpet experience from the perspective of a person who is having their name screamed and the lightbulbs flashing in their eyes, but also we get to see the beforehand prep, which in this case includes hanging out with costar Sophie Turner, trips to Rite Aid and stories about getting bruised due to dog farts.

It smelled really bad, but she has this Jelly Belly bubblegum-hanging thing, and I said, ‘Haha. When you get back in your car, it’s gonna smell like bubblegum and farts.’ And literally with that, I slipped on the step all the way to the bottom.

That’s an experience that both Williams and Turner can relate to—Williams only adopted her puppy last summer, but Turner has been the proud owner of the dog who once played Lady on the show since the end of the first season. (You know how they ask if you get souvenirs from the set? A faithful best friend for life has got to be the *best* thing I’ve ever heard of someone getting to take home from the show they’re working on.)

Once they reach the red carpet, Maisie finds herself hanging out with Finn Jones and mugging for the cameras. As she says “This never, ever gets boring.”