The WiC Scale: Winners and Losers from “Oathbreaker”

We’re back with the WiC Scale, the weekly score of who’s up, who’s down, who passed on their turn, and who’s exited the Great Game for Good. This week, we’ll look at “Oathbreaker,” the third episode of the show’s sixth season. “Oathbreaker” saw several plots gets paused, including the ones involving Sansa and company, Theon and the Ironborn, and the Damn Dornish.

For those who did get screen time, how did things shake out?


GoT 603 01

Jon Snow: Alive, well and leaving Castle Black
Melisandre: She brought someone back from the dead! She actually did it!
Davos: Still giving the pep talks to end all pep talks
Arya: If she keeps up this superhero training now that she’s got her sight back, Queen will have to provide her backing track theme song.
Qyburn: He’s got all the little birds eating out of the candyboxes in his hand
The High Sparrow: He may have only scored one little bird, but it also happens to be the one who wears the crown.
Varys: He’s still got that blackmail touch
Ramsay Bolton: Who needs the female Key to the North when you have the actual Stark heir?


Jaime, Cersei, and the Mountain

Cersei and Jaime: They’ve got the Mountain, they’ve got the moves. Now if only they could get the Small Council to take them seriously.
Lady Olenna: She’s got the guest spot on the Small Council, but her grandkids are still locked up
Kevin Lannister and Pycelle: At least the Mountain didn’t bash their heads in right away
The Waif: She trained Arya well…but now what?
Tyrion: The good news is they know who is behind the Harpies. The bad news is he still hasn’t got clue one how to fit in here.
Bran: he got to watch a kick ass fight scene, but in the process began to realise his childhood beliefs weren’t what they were made out to be.


GoT 603 14

Dany: Stripped and sneered at.
Rickon and Osha: Actors Art Parkinson and Natalia Tena haven’t been on the show for two seasons. It sucks that, when they finally come back, their characters are thrust straight into the clutches of Ramsay Bolton.
Edd: The 999th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and quite possibly the last.


Alliser Thorne and Olly hanging

Alliser Thorne: Sometimes you gotta hold the line against every little twat with a mouth. Even if they come back from the dead.
Olly: He died as he lived….glaring with hate.

This time next week, we’ll break down who’s up, middling, down, and out in “Book of the Stranger.”

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