Funnies: Cersei goes on a date, Tormund and Brienne get their own movie, and more


We’ve got some Game of Thrones-related funnies for you before “Blood of My Blood” airs and we all get our hearts broken again. Let’s start off with a short film from writers Brad Benedict as Jaime Lannister and director Jeremy Mitchell: “Cersei Lannister Goes Online Dating.”

I will never tire of jokes about Cersei being a drunk.

Speaking of parody videos, Nerdist has put together a trailer for When Brienne Met Tormund, a fake romantic comedy starring the members of the newest and shiniest ship in Westeros. The internet basically demanded this, and the internet has provided.

Elsewhere, the dramatic ending to last Sunday’s “The Door” has led to a series of Hodor-on-doorstop creations, from the homemade variety…

…to the more official kind.

Some are available to purchase, like this one on Etsy.

Elsewhere, YouTuber DavidUngerMusic has inserted Stewie Griffin, of Family Guy fame, into Game of Thrones. It’s not quite as miraculous as that time Donald Trump was edited into the show, but this is still really well-done.

This last one isn’t a parody, but it is super-adorable. Kit Harington was giving at interview on BBC Radio, once again apologizing to the world for lying about that whole Jon-Snow-is-dead-business, when none other than costar Maisie Williams called in to make plans to hang out.

And that’s all the funny we’ve got for the moment. See in a few hours for “Blood of My Blood!”

h/t Danielle Bramley, StillRollingHard