Iwan Rheon Hints At Ramsay Bolton’s Fate This Season


No one really wants to talk about Ramsay Bolton. No one likes him. Though many compare the two, he’s not like that little snot Joffrey


Baratheon, since he’s not really a character we love to hate. He’s just the worst, and even fed the body of the woman he loved to his dogs. (Along with his step mother and his half brother.) Ever since the last person holding the leash on this rabid dog—Roose Bolton—also found himself dead at the Bastard of Bolton’s hand, the sense that it’s time to see the character done in has only grown.

What’s more, the actor who plays Ramsay, Iwan Rheon, seems to agree. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, he told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he thinks that Ramsay is going to get what’s coming to him. “I think he’s gotta go,” he said. And just as importantly, “He deserves it.”

But though Rheon seems okay with Ramsay finding his way out of Westeros for good, and preferably in a manner that puts him six feet under, he does say he’s had a great time as an actor exploring the character.

"There are elements, he is a very interesting character. There are reasons why he has become this character and those things are interesting to act."

And how does Rheon think Ramsay should go?

“I’d quite like a dragon-related death in some brutal dragon encounter, fighting a dragon and losing,” he says. (Personally, I don’t think Ramsay has earned the right to see a living dragon.) I doubt that’s how Ramsay will go, but it’s interesting that Rheon seems to be contemplating the characters’ end so baldly.

He also says his mother is very concerned about her son having to play someone so utterly devoid of compassion. “My mum is worried about me and whether it’s affecting me. She doesn’t see that character. She just sees her son.”

No one tell his mother that Rheon’s next project he’s got lined up has him playing Hitler.

As long as we’re talking about Rheon, the actor participated in NBC’s massive Ned Nose Day fundraising program, singing a song about how he’s much nicer than his TV character alongside a couple of other actors who got typecast as villain types.