Game of Thrones Episode 607: “The Broken Man” Trailer Breakdown

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With “Blood of My Blood” now having aired all the way around the world, and hopefully all of us having had a chance to see it this holiday weekend, it’s time to dive into the trailer that debuted at the end of it. Let’s watch it together and break it all down.

Here, as a reminder, is HBO’s synopsis for “The Broken Man,” the upcoming episode. It’s pretty short.

The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.

I’m sorry, I can’t see “The North Is Reminded” without picturing the North’s phone going off with the ten-minute alarm, and the North hitting “snooze.”

Let’s see who used technology to set a reminder, and who tied a piece of string around their finger.

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