Screencap Breakdown: Bran’s Visions from “Blood of My Blood”

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It’s a special edition of the Obsessive Screencap Breakdown! Usually we do our Screencap Recaps on Tuesdays, and that’s still on the docket. But with the extremely quickly cut visions (three in all) that Bran experienced during the first two minutes of Sunday’s episode, it seemed for the best to separate out these sequences from the rest of the recap, lest they dominate the proceedings.

So let’s take a deep dive into what exactly Bran saw during his greenseer moment after he and Meera escaped from the cave, and he saw Hodor both die and be born in the courtyard at Winterfell years before.

Here’s our first clip.

The clip is only 6 seconds long, all told, but it’s packed with images.

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