Celeb roundup: Maisie Williams sells her own GoT merch, and much more


Although HBO has an official store for Game of Thrones merchandise, there are tons of places that make their own. We do round-ups every holiday season of the best stuff on Etsy, and have partnered this year with BreakingT to make tee-shirts based on every Season 6 episode. But it’s rare to see actors on the show make their own stuff. Fortunately for us, Maisie Williams has bucked the trend. She’s come up with her own tee-shirt design, and she’s selling it as part of the Dolphin Project charity she supports.

Sing it, everyone! “Arya is coming to town!”

Sophie Turner (Sansa) is helping promote it.

It’s only available for two weeks, you guys! Get one while you still can.

Meanwhile, in “the enemy of my former wife’s enemy sounds like a good dude to go drinking with” news, this happened on actor Jason Mamoa’s Instagram:

“Get together and find peace?” If Drogo reappears on the show with a brand new forehead tattoo, I feel like Dany might have a few things to say about it.

You know who they should take out drinking with them the next time they go? Kit Harington. The actor recently put his foot in it when he complained about sexism against men in Hollywood, just because a few ladies like to look at him with his shirt off. Fellow actress and Emmy winner Patricia Clarkson (The Green MileSix Feet Under, tons of stuff) isn’t having it. According to The Mirror, she saw Harington’s comments and told the boy to sit down and stop acting like he knows nothing.

"You have an amazing career and you’re on a hot show. Take your shirt off. There are still so many movies made starring 50 men and one woman. A white male actor should never be allowed to complain about anything. Shut up and sit in the corner. I mean, seriously."

And finally, after being killed off this week for the crime of being a faux-mother figure to Arya Stark, Essie Davis, the actress who played Lady Crane, is going to go hang out with Arya’s real mother on her next job. Vanity Fair reports that Davis has been cast in The White Princess, which stars Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark). The limited run series, which will air on STARZ, is a sequel to last year’s The White Queen, and coincidentally enough is another series based on the War of the Roses. This is a more direct interpretation though, so no dragons or zombies. Instead, Fairley will play Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII. Davis will play Dowager Queen Elizabeth, also known as Elizabeth Woodville, and the mother of Henry VII’s bride, Elizabeth of York. (Elizabeth Woodville was the wife of Edward IV. When Richard III seized the throne by declaring her sons illegitimate and having them murdered, she and Margaret Beaufort conspired to have their son (a Tudor) and daughter (a York) marry, thereby cementing the two families together. Henry VII’s ascension to the throne after defeating Richard III is seen as the end of the War of the Roses.)

Davis isn’t the only short-time Game of Thrones alum joining the production. Rebecca Benson, who played Sam’s sister Talla Tarly, has been cast as Margaret Plantagenet, sister to Richard III and Edward IV, and sister-in-law to Elizabeth Woodville. Filming for the series is currently underway.