Game of Thrones reportedly eying the Spanish town of Zumaia for Season 7 filming


Itzurun Beach. Photo by Mikel González.

Game of Thrones Season 6 has been over for all of three days, and already news about Season 7 is coming in. In addition to HBO announcing the lineup of directors for the new year, Spanish newspaper Gara reports that the production is scouting locations in Northern Spain, specifically the town of Zumaia. Although the newspaper doesn’t yet have official confirmation, it reports that scouts are already trying to secure accommodations, and that shooting could begin as early as September.

Fresco Films, which handles locations scouting for HBO in Spain, is particularly interested in Itzurun Beach, pictured above. The beach is noted for its cliffs, and also features flysch, a sedimentary rock formation that can be quite striking. Check out some pictures.

It doesn’t take a ton of imagination to see how this location could stand in for somewhere in Westeros. And we’re assuming that it will be in Westeros, considering that Arya is officially back on the continent and Daenerys was headed there at the end of the season. We may be done with Essos for good.

It’s harder to guess what exactly it’ll be used for. Might this be where Daenerys lands her fleet, possibly in Dorne? Seeing as it’s a beach, we can’t rule out the possibility that it’ll stand in for a part of the Iron Islands, either.

What do you guys think? Here’s another look at the area.

h/t EITBLos Siete Reinos