Fan-made Game of Thrones documentary series honors the dead

As we enter the Long Night between seasons, there’s only so much one fan can do to fill the void. There’s rewatching the season that just passed, for instance. There’s doing a full rewatch of all sixty episdes—that will hold some for a while. There’s reading (or re-reading) the books.

But one fan has gone above and beyond. Under the name of Daemon Blackfyre, they’ve started a YouTube channel with videos dedicated to the fallen characters on the show, stringing together all of their scenes to create mini-movies. Most the videos run around 30 minute, but some are over an hour long. (Yes, some of these are longer than a typical Game of Thrones episode.)

And as we know, despite the show endlessly adding new characters to the cast, the fallen at this point practically outnumber the living. It’s a huge project, one that they only started about two weeks ago. So far, the channel has made around 30 videos covering everyone from Ned Stark in the first season to Grand Maester Pycelle, who died in the Season 6 finale.

Other characters they’ve covered so far include:

Embedding is disabled, so you’ll have to  head over to YouTube to watch the videos properly. But for those looking to indulge in their geekery, there are some dedicated, in-depth pieces. And with the Catelyn Stark video only being uploaded yesterday, this is clearly a work in progress. Daemon Blackfyre is clearly planning to focus on everyone who died in the series, even characters whose importance was somewhat lessened in the TV show (Maester Luwin, for instance, has his own episode.) The series also focuses on characters who don’t loom so large in the books, but got more screen time on TV, like Craster. There could be close to 100 videos by the time the project is done.