Patrick Ness Offered Class Showrunner Position After Turning Down Doctor Who Writing Gig

As strong sense of independence bought Patrick Ness something bigger than an offer to write for Doctor Who…

Often times in life, it is worth holding out for exactly the sort of things that you want. Such was the case for Patrick Ness when he turned down an offer from the BBC to write an episode for Doctor Who. Speaking recently at the Young Adult Literature Con in London, he revealed that, while he thinks that the show is “brilliant,” he wanted “to do something of [his] own” after having “spent so much time doing work for other people.” As fortune would have it, the BBC had been tossing around an “idea for setting a spin-off in a school.” Ness expressed his reaction to this as “ding!” This is how ness became the showrunner for the upcoming Doctor Who spin-off Class.

The rest is history in the making as Class is currently in production for its eight episode first season. With six weeks of shooting remaining, Ness is quite eager for the public to see the final result when it airs this fall on BBC3. He described the progress as “going well,” the cast as being “great,” and the experience as being “fantastic.” Despite all of this positivity, he is still keeping his “fingers crossed.”

Someone else who has been dreaming big about Doctor Who is actor Kunal Nayyar, most well-known for his role as Raj Koothrappali on the geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show is known for its Doctor Who references and Easter eggs. According to the Kathmandu Post, Nayyar, in a recent interview with British Airways, stated that he wanted to be the first Indian actor to play the Doctor. Will this dream of his ever come true? It is possible. Only time will tell…

Kunal Nayyar at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016 (credit: Getty)
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