Celeb roundup: Sean Bean is the voice of Civilization, Iain Glen gets a new show, and more


Game of Thrones stars are busy. With what? Well, we’ll tell you.

First up, Iain Glen is breaking with the role of the perpetually lovelorn Jorah Mormont to play a guy who’s courting not one, but two women. He’ll star as a successful chef named Leo Vincent in Sky 1’s Delicious, conceived by comedy veteran Dawn French. French plays his first wife, Gina, while Emilia Fox plays his second, Sam. What happens when the two of them find out that Vincent is stringing them along? All signs point to zaniness.

“The script for Delicious was irresistible,” Glen said. “Funny, poignant and unpredictable. “I can’t wait to dig my teeth into this feast of a drama.”

By the way, if you’re worried that Glen’s other commitments may keep him from appearing on Game of Thrones, don’t be. Signs point to Ser Jorah returning for Season 7, although we’re not sure in what capacity.

Shifting over to cast members whose characters have died, Sean “Ned Stark” Bean himself has a new gig as the voice of Civilization…the videogame series, not the concept. PC Gamer reports that he’ll narrate parts of Civilization VI, the latest entry in the long-running strategy franchise. Specifically, he’ll provide narration for the game’s tech tree, a role previously filled by Star Trek’s Leonard Nemoy. The people who make these games know their audience.

Bean also voiced an early trailer for the game:

Natalie Dormer, whose character Margaery Tyrell was just recently released from this mortal coil on Game of Thrones, is staying active as well. Yibada reports that she’ll start shooting In Darkness, a thriller she she co-wrote with her fiance and director Anthony Byrne, in September.

The story for In Darkness is pretty intriguing: Dormer plays a blind musician who hears someone being murdered in the apartment above her’s. From there, she gets involved in London’s criminal underworld. Sounds juicy.


Finally, Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), as a new member of the D.C. cinematic universe (he’ll play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie), attended the premiere of Suicide Squad in London. While there, he palled around with Henry Cavill (Superman) to hilarious effect.

Yeah, that photo is just hilarious no matter how you come at it. Cavill looks like he’s doing his best impression of a department store mannequin, and Momoa looks like an impish child about to pounce on his head. Let’s also keep in mind that both of these men are very tall and very big, which makes it funnier.

Momoa posted the results of his surprise attack on his Instagram.

Cavill’s looking awfully British right about now.

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