Check out more beautiful concept art from Game of Thrones Season 6

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Let’s move on to another hugely important scene: the Battle of the Bastards. First, Jon had to gather his army, with a visit to the wildling camp outside Castle Black…

…and then Bear Island, where he picked scene-stealer Lyanna Mormont.

Davos’ discovery of Shireen’s remains is just as heartbreaking in concept and it was in its final form.

Then, after Ramsay Bolton says hello in the only way he knows how: chaos.

Welcome to Bolton country.

The horror…the horror…

In slightly happier renderings, Arya hangs out with the Waif and gains +1 to her poison-making abilities.

Sam didn’t have a ton of screentime in Season 6, but he went on quite a journey. He started on a squalid boat somewhere in the Narrow Sea…

…and ended up in the biggest library in the world, much to his delight.

Belshaw has more Game of Thrones artwork on his website.

Let’s move on to Sinclair, who seems to have a flair for designing props. For example, here’s her conception of the carriage in which Sam and Gilly traveled to Horn Hill.

She also designed the siege weapons arrayed outside Riverrun.

Most interestingly, she designed the sled-thing that Meera’s going to have to haul Bran in now that Hodor’s gone.

Her design for Balon Greyjoy’s boat coffin is pretty cool, as well.

Going back to Horn Hill for a second, Sinclair contributed the design for Heartsbane, the family’s Valyrian steel sword.

I love this one: Sinclair’s rendering of the chains Rhaegal and Viserion show exactly how diminutive Tyrion is next to the beasts.

Sinclair may specialize in props, but she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Here’s her conception of Jaime Lannister at Riverrun.

And here’s her rendering of Coldhands. They kind of look like a mirror image.

Finally, she depicted the way Mrycella looks laid out in the Sept of Baelor.

There’s some gorgeous stuff here. If only we could see what the artists are cooking up for Season 7.