Season 7: Game of Thrones will shoot at Trujillo Castle, elsewhere in Cáceres


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Filming on Game of Thrones Season 7 is about to start, and reports are coming in. According to Hoy, the production will film scenes at Trujillo Castle in Spain on November 18.

Trujillo Castle is about 40 minutes to the west of the city of Cáceres, another Season 7 filming location. Both the city and the castle are located in Cáceres province. Raised over the remains of an old Muslim citadel, Trujillo Castle was built between the 9th and 12th centuries from blocks of dressed granite. It features 17 defense towers, two of which protect the entrance gate. The production will film material in the large castle courtyard.

What material will it film there? That’s hard to guess. The area looks arid, but by November, much could be different. Moreover, set dressing and special effects can work miracles. Under the right circumstances, Trujillo Castle could stand in for just about anywhere in Westeros.

At the moment, ABC is filming a series called Still Star-Crossed—about what happened after the end of Romeo and Juliet—in the castle. That will likely be over by November, though. Hoy also reports that the city of Cáceres will be the “headquarters” for filming production in Spain, and that scouts may look look for other locations around Trujillo Castle.

Speaking of Cáceres city, both Hoy and El Periodico Extramadura report that the production has been looking at locations in the city, among them the Tower of Bujaco and the Tower of the Púlpitos, in the city’s Old Town section. According to the sources at Los Siete Reinos, director Mark Mylod (the guy behind Season 6 episodes “The Broken Man” and “No One”) was part of that process.

Here’re some nice shots of the Tower of Bujaco.

Cáceres city looks like it would make a nice stand-in for King’s Landing. According to Hoy, filming in the city will start in November.

Finally, Los Siete Reinos has new information on filming in Malpartida, a small town in Cáceres province. According to its sources, Mark Mylod was in this area as well. It also says that there will be a casting call in September for a shoot in October. Producers are reportedly looking for people with dark skin, long hair, and no tattoos, although that isn’t confirmed. That sounds like it fits the bill for Dothraki extras.

We expect the production to film at Los Barruecos, a rocky bit of coastline near the actual town. If this is where Daenerys makes her landing in Westeros, a call for Dothraki extras makes sense.

Los Barruecos

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We’ll bring you more Game of Thrones filming news as it comes in, so stay tuned.

h/t Los Siete Reinos