No, Angela Lansbury isn’t going to be on Game of Thrones


Not long ago, German website Bild reported a rumor that Angela Lansbury, of Murder, She Wrote fame, was set to appear in two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7. Even by the standards of the Game of Thrones rumor mill, this one was pretty out there. Nevertheless, it spread across the internet—we even wrote about it on this site. (In fairness to us, we tried to bury it in an article about filming in Belfast, because…c’mon. The Bedknobs and Broomsticks lady on Game of Thrones? Really?)

In any case, the madness ends now. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that she will not, in fact, appear on the show. (EW made that image at the top of the post, by the way. It’s completely awesome and we had to use it.)

I think we can all file this under the column marked “duh.” On the other hand, perhaps it’s not utterly ridiculous that some were taking it seriously. After all, the show did recently secure Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent for a “significant role” in Season 7. The show gets more and more popular every year. And now that’s it’s earned a mile-high pile of Emmy awards, it’s prestige level has also shot up. Maybe it wasn’t completely crazy to assume that someone as venerated as Angela Lansbury would deign be on the show.

Or maybe it is. It’s over now, so please enjoy this GIF that inserts A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin into Murder, She Wrote.