Steven Moffat: 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Have Heart and Brains


Knowing that the fanbase is hungry for details about the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas special, Steven Moffat is dropping hints over which to puzzle.

Considering that the Doctor Who Christmas special will be airing in under four months, there have been relatively few details as to what the show will entail. There has been plenty of speculation, mostly centered around Nardole and whether or not Bill will make her debut, but very little information has been concrete.

However, Steven Moffat is changing that… sort of. While he still has not provided any definitive information about the Christmas special — aside from how they have just begun working on the show — he did give one teaser. According to him, the Christmas special will not only have a lot of heart, but a lot of brains as well. It sounds rather like something out of The Wizard of Oz.

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It is interesting to note that Moffat stated that they are filming the Christmas special now. There had been plenty of speculation already regarding the episode being filmed, especially with the images of snow and Nardole in the winter parka. Apparently, though, that particular winter wonderland will be seen in another episode. Who says that there necessarily has to be snow in the special, anyway?

But what does it mean that there will be “a lot of brains” in the special? Is this a nod to Nardole appearing with King Hydroflax’s robotic body, allowing him to switch his head in and out? Is this a teaser that some other being will make an appearance? Could we see the return of the Ood and their collective consciousness, or the Great Intelligence? Or, perhaps, it could simply mean that the writing is smart.

And is “a lot of heart” a reference to either the heart of the TARDIS, or Time Lords having two hearts, or is it simply a description of the feel of the episode?

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Frustratingly, these questions will not be answered until the Christmas special airs in a little under four months from now. This statement from Moffat, however, is certainly something that will lead to a great deal of speculation.