Game of Thrones Season 7 is filming in Saintfield, where “Battle of the Bastards” was shot


Game of Thrones has returned to bastard country, but not to film anything comparable to what happened there last time. Per David Mcllroy on Twitter, the production is back in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, where it shot much of the Emmy-winning “Battle of the Bastards.”

A noble endeavor.

But don’t worry: nothing nearly as elaborate as the Bastard Bowl is happening there this time. According to fansite Watchers on the Wall, the production will film a scene in a godswood, probably Winterfell’s. We last saw the Winterfell godswood in “The Winds of Winter,” when Sansa and Littlefinger had one of their trademark awkward encounters. Now that Jon is the King in the North, he and Sansa have a lot of silent contemplation to do. What better place than the godswood?

And remember: Bran is on his way back to Winterfell, or at least south of the Wall. Perhaps he’s reached Winterfell and is enjoying some alone time of his own. Also, there’s a scene in A Dance with Dragons where Bran witnesses events in Winterfell’s past by looking through the eyes of its weirwood tree. Perhaps something like that is happening.

Anyway, it’s nice that the production has returned to Saintfield under a gentler shooting schedule. After what happened there last year, the place could use some rest.