James Corden makes a Game of Thrones musical, and Khal Drogo dances with the stars


Image: CBS/Screenplay

This week in Game of Thrones funnies, we bring you a pair of videos, one hilarious and one kind of awesome.

First up, James Corden, host of The Late, Late Show, has a running skit entitled “Inappropriate Musicals” where he and his guests recreate our favorite TV shows as…well, inappropriate musicals. On this occasion, Corden was joined by Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and X-Men’s Alan Cumming. The trio took on Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Netflix’s Stranger Things. The result is hilarious and slightly NSFW.

The costumes aren’t exactly on point, but the singing and guitar solo really lift the spirits. And then they chop off poor Ned Stark’s head. Is there any reality in which Ned’s head doesn’t end up rolling?

The refrain for the song is pretty outstanding, and raunchy enough to be the name of a Game of Thrones adult remake: Winter is Coming all over you. Geddit?

Next up, model, musician, and general pop culture person Amber Rose took inspiration from Game of Thrones for her performance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She played Daenerys Targaryen, and her dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy played Khal Drogo.

Man, this romance has staying power. Years later and it still turns up in pop culture. Also not stopping: the announcer calls Daenerys “Khaleesi.” WILL IT NEVER END?

The pair waltzes about a Thrones-themed set so well done it looks like they slipped onto a sound stage in Titanic Studios. And of course seeing a dance set the show’s theme music is fun. However, the judges were not as amused as I was, as the duo was awarded only a 24 out 40.

That’s alright. It was still nice to see Drogo and Daenerys in happier times, although I’m not quite sold on getting manly man Drogo to waltz.

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