Game of Thrones Season 7 filming: Pics of a set going up on Itzurun Beach in Zumaia


Yesterday, we reported that the Game of Thrones production team is busy preparing to film material for Season 7 at Itzurun Beach, in the Spanish town of Zumaia. Now, Spanish-language outlet El Diario Vasco has uploaded images of activity in the area. Mild SPOILERS follow.

So far, the production has outfitted the walkway above the beach with a row of stone struts. It looks like they’re making a castle facade. Here’s a view from the beach:

And here’s some video from up on the battlements, or whatever they end up being.

What could the production be building here? It looks like a castle by the sea, which could mean several things. Is it a palace in Dorne? The greenery on the wall under the walkway suggests a warmer climate. It almost looks like the kind of place you’d see in Essos, and although we assume that we won’t spend a lot of time there in Season 7, it’s possible.

Other notable seaside locations include Dragonstone and Storm’s End, and we’re betting there’s at least one bucolic castle in the Reach that abuts the water. Theoretically, it could even be in King’s Landing as seen from Blackwater Bay. What do you guys think?


The next big question: what will happen here? With filming happening on the beach, Daenerys and her fleet may be involved. Is this a friendly castle that will receive her with open arms or a hostile castle she plans to storm? Note that HBO is hiring people to crew specialized longboats to film scenes out at sea near this beach, something else that points to Daenerys being in the area. We may know more tomorrow, when ModExpoR Internacional talks about the extras its looking to cast for this location.

Game of Thrones will shoot at Itzurun Beach for six days starting on October 26. For more images, head to El Diario Vasco.