Where is Westworld located?


We don’t know where Westworld is located, but we have been given some interesting clues.

We don’t know exactly where Westworld is located, in fact we don’t really know anything about the world outside the park yet. We have been given a few interesting clues to consider though.

First off we know the park is in an isolated location, the reason we know this is that the employees have to rotate home. We know this because Theresa Cullen is asked when she will next be “rotating home” by Lee Sizemore. This means Westworld is in a location where it would be hard to commute to.

We should also consider the flies, now maybe the flies were brought in to serve as canaries in the coal mine for the park, but if the park is on earth it would of course naturally have flies. This would seem to mean that the theory that Westworld is on Mars or in an orbital station around the earth is unlikely. We haven’t seen any other indigenous animals in Westworld though, and on earth you’d surely at least have birds and other bugs.

There’s also an issue with flooding and water in the storage area of the Westworld underground control center. This could point to the park being in an underground habitat of some kind, but it could also just be that when you dig that far underground you’re going to have water seepage issues.

We think the most likely answer is that the park is on an island. Perhaps it’s even a man made island specifically built to house the park. This would explain a lot of the issues surrounding the park.

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