Updates: More Photos and New Footage of Filming Game of Thrones Season 7 in Zumaia


(Photo: Txo. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

Game of Thrones Season 7 begins filming along the stunning beaches in Zumaia, and once again, there’s video footage of the proceedings. Much like last week, it seems like the first day of filming in a new location brings out the security holes the production did not know they would need to plug. There, we got video footage, taken from across the bay of what could be a spoilery scene between two main characters. This week? More of the same, but higher stakes. Must be time for spoilers!

Stakes is high, you know them stakes is high
When we dealin’ with the
(Spoil, spoil-ations)
Stakes is high
(Hey yo, what about spoilers?)

Our apologies my queen, for what you are about to see.

UPDATE 1: We have some clear photos now of Jon’s men pulling a boat from the water, as well as a clear shot of both Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth. Check them out:

You can tell the soldiers in this shot are from the North, by the looks of their armor.

Here, the Dothraki are moving the boat…but to where?

Notice the Dothraki in this shot are wearing a bit of extra clothing. Winter has come.

Filming got underway in Zumaia a few hours ago, with fans and cameras at the ready.

“Today begins the recording of the series #GameofThrones #Zumaia strict security measures have been taken.” But not strict enough it seems.

“I got pictures in #exclusiva #Objetivo filming of @JuegoDeTronosTM today @AhoraETB @euskaltelebista #Zumaia”

To be fair, everyone looks like little blobs in this shot. I might understand some being less than impressed. But then this happened. (Video via El Diario Vasco.)


It’s not as clear as the Liam Cunningham and Peter Dinklage footage for last week, but we’re pretty sure the man backing up the boat is Jon Snow. Here’s another shot of that scene being filmed.

A group of Dothraki facing the boat. Next to the boat three soldiers who I assume are from the North? And everyone is facing the figure we can’t see, but El Diario Vasco swears are Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage. Are they getting in the boat together? Where are they heading? Are the armies of the North and East joining as one against the threat of winter? Stay tuned.