Doctor Who: We Want to Know What’s Happening with that K9 Movie

Remember last year when there was talk of a Doctor Who spin-off movie starring K9? So, what’s going on with that?

While the Doctor Who movie starring the Eighth Doctor has had a bit of a revival over the past few years, the desire for another movie continues. It could be one that either stands alone, or one that helps to continue the latest storylines — a movie that most likely involves the current Doctor and his companions, and fits into the canon of the television show.

Around this time last year, plans for a Doctor Who movie were announced. Only, instead of starring the Doctor, or even one of the current companions, this movie was set to focus on a star from the past. K9, the Doctor’s own robotic canine companion, was slated to have its own movie. There was even a working name, K9:TimeQuake, for the film.

But since then, there has been almost nothing but silence. Searches for the Doctor Who K9 movie do not pull up anything more recent than October 2015, other than the following two Facebook posts from this past May and September, respectively:

While the movie was slated to come out in 2017, marking the 40th anniversary of the beloved companion, it seems curious that nothing has been officially announced in regards to the film in the past year.

Even if K9:TimeQuake is going to be released in the latter part of 2017, some information should be forthcoming. Who else would star in the movie? Who would write the script? Would the Doctor make an appearance? And where would the movie be filmed?

At this point, one has to wonder if the movie is still going to be made. While nothing has been said in regards to cancelling the film, the lack of recent information is somewhat concerning.

Perhaps things are moving forward behind the scenes, and that information will trickle out at some point in time. But in the interim, that silence will lead to quite a few questions.

With 2017 rapidly approaching, the lack of news about the K9 movie is quite curious. However, with the new year coming up, the situation may well change.