SPOILERS: Characters keep reuniting as filming for Game of Thrones Season 7 continues


Every season it blows us away how much we can both learn and not learn from the spoiler-filled images that leak from the outdoor sets on Game of Thrones. In earlier years, at least we had book scenes as a guide. Now, when the images come thick and fast, we can only fantasize, wait, and hope.

For those of you not looking for wishin’ and hopin’, there’s the back button. The rest of us shall keep on scrollin’.

Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’
Plannin’ and dreamin’ each night of these spoilers
That won’t get you any less soil-ered.


Good morning, everyone! Are you ready for some spoilers?


That’s what I thought. Grab a coffee, let’s roll. The show is continuing to film scenes on a series of beaches in the Basque region of Spain, assumed to stand in primarily for Dragonstone. All of these pictures and videos come from the set on Itzurun Beach in Zumaia.

Echos of Hardhome, indeed. But that was Jon sailing away from a massacre. This time he’s sailing into something.

Clearly we are filming scenes not in order on these beaches. The other day, Jon was already at Dragonstone and wandering around the place with Davos considering his options. This scene is clearly his arrival, and Tyrion and the Dothraki guards greeting the King in the North.

Have we mentioned it’s all happening? Yes it is. But today’s money shot, my friends, is this next one:


That’s Jon and Tyrion, together again.

It’s been six long years. But the respect is still there. And this, Louie, could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Some other outtakes and images of interest…

I love the King In The North breastplate, personally. And manbuns are still in for 2017.

Arty shots!

Can you imagine Jon Snow giving up his sword for one of these? Looks like he might be considering it.

Kit Harington in full costume and glasses. It’s enough to make you die.

But this image, from another scene filmed earlier, also piqued our interest.

That looks like Theon and the Ironborn. No sign of Yara. One has to wonder how *this* meeting is going. “Yeah, mate, sorry about that whole “betraying Robb and letting Bolton take over the homestead” thing. We’re still cool right?”

Maybe not.

There’s also video.

Yeah, Jon’s not happy to see his old foster-brother, or whatever Theon and Jon were to each other before. It looks like they have a tussle. Here’s video of the full meeting:

Meanwhile, up on the structure the production has built above the beach, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke walk it out.

At one point, the pair even looked like they were taking a selfie together.

It’s all a little surreal to see Jon Snow and Daenerys hanging out. But the photos, many of which come from The Daily Mail, don’t lie.

More as the leaks keep coming. Until then, take a cue from Jon and Davos and relax.

h/t EFE