Hillary Clinton Reportedly Calls Doctor Who “Boring Garbage”


Over here in the States, there has been a lot of hubbub about Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Now, one purported email, signifying her disdain for Doctor Who, may truly be the end of her campaign.

As the 2016 Presidential Election here in the United States is coming down to its final two weeks, the attacks and rhetoric are reaching a fever pitch. One of those hot topics, since almost the very beginning of the election cycle, has been that of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Wikileaks has released quite a few of them, with each batch promising to be the end of her campaign.

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However, there is one email* that has come out that may truly signal the end of her hopes for the Presidency. Instead of being political in nature, or housing secret government information, this email discusses Doctor Who — or, rather, how she just does not appreciate the show, calling it “boring garbage” and feeling as though she is being left out on a joke that everyone else understands.

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She even questions if the quality of Doctor Who is a signifier that “England is out of money,” which is quite an insult toward an ally of the United States. Could this cause an international incident?

Now, it is understandable that Doctor Who may not be for everyone. After all, watching a Time Lord who is several thousand years old zipping around time and space with whatever British female he picks up can be a bit much for some. Add in the various plot holes, or the stories that are left unfinished, and it can get quite confusing.

So, maybe that explains why Clinton is not a fan of the program. She’s been busy over the past few decades, helping her husband’s political career before embarking on her own. She just may not have time to sit down and really watch the show with the same level of attention that others provide, as her mind is likely elsewhere.

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But to say that Doctor Who is boring garbage? Well, that crosses a line that few would dare to verbalize. In saying that, she has, in effect, removed the Whovian demographic from her voting population. Yes, she has a somewhat higher opinion of Sherlock, which has a great deal of overlap in terms of fandom, but to attack the Doctor? That’s a bold move, Cotton.

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Hillary Clinton is not a fan of Doctor Who, at least according to a supposed email release. Now, we will see if this costs her an election. My question is, don’t you think she looks tired?

*Validity of email not verified.