Doctor Who: Matt Smith Recalls Resistance of Fans to His Doctor

Matt Smith’s time on Doctor Who may be fondly remembered, but there was a great deal of concern when he first took the role of the Eleventh Doctor.

The Matt Smith era on Doctor Who is looked back upon quite fondly. He was the Doctor during the height of the popularity of the show, with his quirkiness and boyish mannerisms perfectly suited to the Eleventh Doctor. In fact, it is difficult to imagine his incarnation in any other light, as his attempts at anger just did not suit the character.

Yet, when Smith took over, there was concern as to how well he would perform in the role. Not only was he following the beloved David Tennant, but Smith was also only 26 years old, easily the youngest actor to be the Doctor. Needless to say, fans were uncertain as to what he would bring to the table.

That concern even turned to animosity at times. As Smith himself recently reminded us, fans of the show were not too happy at the decision to cast him as the Doctor, feeling that he was far too young. They would tell him not to “break Doctor Who,” leading Smith to feel that not only was he too young for the part, but that everyone hated him.

As it turned out, all he really needed was for the fan base to give him a chance. Smith turned that younger looking Doctor into a beloved character, playing to some of the older quirks in terms of his wardrobe. While he may not have been adorned with question marks or vegetables, his penchant for the fez and bowties were definitely unique.

A similar concern manifested when Peter Capaldi took over the role. Instead of being too young, he was considered by some to be too old to be the Doctor. And, just like with Smith, the fans have warmed up to the latest incarnation. It just goes to show that it really isn’t personal; people just do not like change when it comes to their favorite show.

Thankfully, those early detractors did not dissuade Matt Smith from joining Doctor Who. We would have missed out on an excellent incarnation if he had taken their concerns to heart.