HBO is releasing a line of Game of Thrones-themed wines


HBO and Brewery Ommegang have had a lot of success with their line of Game of Thrones-themed beer. But as delicious as those beers are, they always seemed a little out of step with the show. Beer exists in Westeros, but when it comes to drinking on Game of Thrones, most of the characters prefer wine.

To that end, HBO is partnering with Vintage Wine Estates to roll out a number of Game of Thrones-themed wines in the spring of 2017. They include a Chardonnay ($19.99)…

…a reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon ($39.99)…

…and a proprietary red blend ($19.99), all of them to be available nationally in 750ml bottles.

Jeff Peters, the Director of Licensing and Retail for HBO, explained what the company is going for.

"Given the prominent role of wine on Game of Thrones and our previous success in the beverage category, an officially licensed wine for the show feels like a natural extension for our fans. Game of Thrones wines most definitely will add to the fan experience as the battle for the Iron Throne heats up heading into the final seasons."

It is past time there was a Game of Thrones wine on the market. The pairing just makes too much sense. From here on out, this will be the only proper way to get drunk while watching the show.

However, I urge you not to play a drinking game where you drink whenever Cersei or Tyrion takes a swig of the good stuff. You might die. Those two are experts.