7 parks we might get to visit in Westworld season 2


The Westworld finale teased that there are other worlds or parks, so what parks might we get to visit in Westworld season 2?


Modern theme parks such as Disneyland often have multiple worlds or areas in them, so why wouldn’t Westworld? There were two moments in the Westworld season finale that point to the possibility that there might be more than one world in Westworld. The first and most obvious was when we saw the samurai hosts as Maeve, Armistice, and Hector were trying to escape the park. The second was the piece of paper that Felix handed Maeve with the location of her daughter on it.

It specifically says “park 1”, if you only have one park there’s no reason to give that park a number.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible parks we may get to see in Westworld season 2.

Samurai World

Obviously we are going to get to see samurai world in Westworld season 2 or after because that was teased in the Westworld season finale. Maeve of course asks Felix what this is all about, to which Felix responds only “it’s complicated.”

We know that Samurai World is a true other world because it even has its own logo, which we saw as Armistice, Maeve, and Hector were trying to escape.

Now this could of course be a side project for the park or a new development, but with all the floors in the the Delos Mesa base there is certianly room for other full sized worlds.

Now it’s certianly possible that there are only two worlds, Westworld and Samurai World, and that the host rebellion could be setting up for a civil war of sorts, but with five planned season to come it’s very likely that we are going to see other worlds as well.

Here are a few we think are likely worlds for us to explore in Westworld season 2 and beyond.

Medieval World

In Futureworld, the sequel to the original Westworld movie Medieval World is one of the worlds you can visit. While it’s certianly possible that we may see Medieval World in Westworld, it’s probably unlikely. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy did say early on that we wouldn’t see Medieval World, but that could have just been not wanting to give anything away.

The other big problem with Medieval World is of course Game of Thrones. HBO already has one blockbuster show set in a Medieval universe, do they really want another show trodding on that territory? Game of Thrones however is wrapping up over the next two years, and Westworld has five seasons planned… then again a Game of Thrones prequel show is also looking very likely.

So while Medieval World would certianly be very cool, it’s also probably very unlikely, at least for Westworld season 2.

Prehistoric World

There are a lot of comparisons being written online between Westworld and another great Michael Crichton creation Jurassic Park. Obviously Crichton had a very bad experience at a theme park at some point in his childhood.

Both Jurassic Park and Westworld show a theme park gone wrong, but difference is in the type of “livestock” in the park. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park don’t have an agenda and aren’t battling for sentience, they want to be free in a way, but are really just doing what dinosaurs do. The hosts on the other hand can be seen as a new form of sentient life, that should be treated as an equal with humanity. This kind of conflict is much deeper than the conflict in Jurassic Park.

While the idea of host dinosaurs sounds very cool, it would also be very easy to “jump the shark” here. You’d lose the humanity of the hosts, and the humanity of the hosts is what drive the action. If we see a Prehistoric World in Westworld Season 2 or beyond it’s probably going to be a long way from Jurassic Park. 

This one is probably very unlikely as well, but there are more appealing and possible choices we haven’t explored yet.

Roman World

I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see Roman World. I know that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have said we won’t see it, but there’s five seasons ahead and there’s always a chance in Westworld. Just thinking about a Roman legion of hosts lining up next to samurai and cowboys to fight for host indiependence gets me beyond excited.

HBO’s Rome was a show before its time. I truly think that if Rome and Deadwood had existed in the time of on demand and streaming services they would have been huge successes for HBO. Rome suffered from having a huge budget and from having its set burn down. The cost of the show just wasn’t worth continuing production, and so Rome was wrapped up in a rushed fashion. That of course was still better than Deadwood got.

Because HBO doesn’t have another show set in a Roman universe right now I also think Roman World is much more likely to appear in Westworld Season 2 or beyond than Medieval World.

Gangster World

There’s no obvious proof that we will get to see a Gangster World in Westworld season 2 or beyond, but it would probably make a great fit for the show. The 1920’s and the heyday of American gangsters like Al Capone have a lot in common with the old west setting of Westworld; yet there’s still enough to make the two worlds different.

Gangster movies and themes in television are usually very successful. HBO and other cable providers have had a lot of success with shows like The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. It’s a very lucrative theme to tie into a show like Westworld and would get a lot of fans very excited.

Gangster World would be a fun addition to Westworld season 2 or beyond.


Futureworld is the sequel to the original Westworld movie. The Futureworld itself is built to look and feel like an orbiting space station. Futureworld would be a fun and exciting departure from Westworld and even Samurai World. You can’t get much farther from the old west than the distant future after all.

The only real problem with Futureworld is that if Westworld itself is set in the future you then have to go even farther into the future to create Futureworld. It might start to get a bit unbelievable, or box in future seasons of Westworld on how futuristic the “real world” could get.

If we get to see and explore Futureworld it’s probably not going to be in Westworld season 2, it’s probably going to be farther down the line when the story is wrapping up.

Modern World

A Modern World may not sound very interesting or appealing at first glance, but when you think about it there are some implications that might make it a lot of fun. Obviously there’s a reason why video games like Grand Theft Auto do so well, people enjoy being able to be in a world that’s familiar, but has no consequences; that certianly sounds like the kind of thing Westworld would pick up on. Remember Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said video games heavily influenced Westworld.

There’s another way a Modern World might be super interesting though. If there was a Modern World it might be a great tool for humans to use to trick the rebelling hosts. If the hosts entered Modern World how would they know that it wasn’t the “real world”?

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What do you think? What other parks do you think we will see in Westworld season 2 and beyond? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.