Season 7 filming: Brutal new pics of the battle at Los Barruecos, crew loads in to Cáceres


Image by Jesus C Castillo. Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Spain license.

With filming slated for next week, Game of Thrones Season 7 commences turning the city of Cáceres in to somewhere in Westeros (probably King’s Landing). And with the crew loading in to the city, residents are snapping photos on Twitter and giving us an idea of the lay of the land. The show will shoot here on December 14 and 15.

(Roughly translated: Beginning preparations for the shooting of Game of Thrones in the Old Town of Cáceres.) I assume that before long the “Museo” over the doorway will disappear (or be removed in post production).

This Game of Thrones fan didn’t just get pictures from the set and post them on Twitter. She also ran into a friend, who seems to be hanging around Cáceres quite a bit:

Hello again, James Faulkner (Randyll Tarly). He’s staying in the city while filming a massive battle scene at the nearby Barrueco de Arriba.

(Roughly translated: Preparing everything for the start of filming on Monday.)

Meanwhile, Los Siete Reinos has some remarkable new images of that huge battle scene being shot at the Barrueco de Arriba. Beware big SPOILERS.

A quick summary of what’s happening in this battle scene: after the Lannister army, led by Jaime, raids Highgarden, they’re marching home loaded with pilfered goods. It looks like the Tarlys have joined them. Along the way, they’re ambushed by Daenerys, who’s riding a dragon, and her Dothraki horde (and maybe the Unsullied). Here’s the Lannister army before the ambush:

Then there’s some smoke…

And later, well…

Image: Image: Image:

The ambush, naturally, ends in blood, with men peppered with arrows lying dead on the ground. Or props that look like men. Whichever.

This will be one the big action set pieces from Season 7, taking up a large chunk of the fourth episode.