The Mountain dresses up as Santa and harrasses people at a supermarket, and other funnies


Game of Thrones has officially pervaded every corner of culture on Earth. Think not? We bring you Exhibit A: the City of Jerusalem’s warning about the coming winter, done as an homage to Game of Thrones. Any GoT fan surely knows by now that winter is coming, but the city of Jerusalem felt the need to warn its residents using a pair of narrators named Yoni and Dani. Geddit?

The pair warns citizens against the perils of using dragons for warmth, encourages them to close their windows and trim their trees, and to keep some salt on hand for extra snowy sidewalks. And then, taking a play straight out of the Night’s Watch handbook, Yoni and Dani encourage citizens to stockpile food and shovels for days spent snowed in. Brilliant.

Exhibit B is a compilation of episodes from YouTuber Pa Jama’s It’s Always Sunny in Westeros series, which crosses Game of Thrones with FXX’s long-running comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, complete with the latter’s show’s habit of pairing the final line before the credits with an ironic episode title. It’s not the first time someone has spliced these two shows together, and it’s always funny. Or horrible. Somewhere in there.

“Khal Drogo keeps his promise.” Hilarious.

Then there’s Exhibit C, wherein Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane) dresses as Santa Claus and vigorously “encourages” shoppers to ditch their plastic bottles and invest in a SodaStream, a company for which he’s now done a couple of (wondrous) commercials.

We say “encourage” because we’re fairly certain if a 6’9”, 395-pound behemoth told us to do anything, we’d do it. Even if he was dressed as Santa Clause. Especially if was dressed as Sansa Clause.

And finally, Exhibit D: Hajime Isayama, the artist behind the extremely successful Attack on Titan manga series, apparently binge-watched Game of Thrones and tried his hand at drawing a couple of characters, including Jorah Mormont…

"[No spoilers] Attack on Titan Mangaka (Hajime Isayama) drew Jorah Mormont from gameofthrones"

…and Davos Seaworth.

"[No spoilers] Attack on Titan Mangaka (Hajime Isayama) drew Davos (The Onion Knight) from gameofthrones"

And we rest our case.

One more quick hit: one of the saddest scenes from Game of Thrones Seasno 6 made it onto YouTube’s annual rewind video. Skip to 2:56.

h/t The Times of Israel