George R.R. Martin: “The Mystery Knight” graphic novel adaptation coming


In the middle of all the excitement last week surrounding the final days of Season 7 shooting in Spain, George R.R. Martin announced the release of the next long-anticipated and long-demanded…graphic novel set in the world of Westeros.

The graphic novel is the third adapted from a series of three novellas called Tales of Dunk and EggThe Mystery Knight is the third and most recent of those. Based on his blog entry, Martin is excited about it.

"The good folks at Random House have assembled the same great creative team who gave us the comic book adaptations of THE HEDGE KNIGHT and THE SWORN SWORD — Ben Avery on script, and Mike S. Miller for the artwork."

He also released the cover art for it. Check it out.

Image via Random House

The Dunk and Egg graphic novels have been big sellers both with the graphic novel crowd and with A Song of Ice and Fire aficionados. With HBO looking for a “band extension” for Game of Thrones once the series ends, keeping interest high in the Dunk and Egg series is probably in everyone’s best interest—it’s Martin’s first choice for a follow-up series.

As for a release date:

"THE MYSTERY KNIGHT will be released in hardcover on July 4. (No, sorry, no individual issues this time around). It’s 148 graphic pages, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s gorgeous!"

No, there’s no word on The Winds of Winter release date yet.