1980s Style Retro Westworld Opening Credits

This fan made 1980s style opening sequence for HBO’s science fiction hit Westworld is totally radical.

We’ve seen several fantastic Westworld theme covers, spanning the spectrum from piano to a hard metal Westworld cover. What we haven’t seen though is someone cover the entire opening, not just the theme. This 1980s style Westworld opening changes all that and will make you miss your MTV.

The 1980s produced some great television, including some fantastic science fiction like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Knight Rider, and Quantum Leap. Science fiction of the 1980s had a very specific feel to it though. The opening sequences of classic 1980s sci-fi often included a heavy dose of synthesizer and some “epic” computer graphics. This Westworld opening takes those 1980s science fiction tropes and applies them to HBO’s hit show; giving us a look at what a Westworld of 1985 might have looked like.

Get ready to enjoy these fantastic Westworld opening credits thanks to YouTuber MessyPandas.

That’s not all though, MessyPanda has also made a 1980’s style synthesizer cover of the Sweetwater theme from Westworld.

Honestly I think the Sweetwater theme sounds better on synth than the Westworld theme does during the 1980’s opening, but the opening’s 1980’s style graphics can’t be beat.

If you are instead looking for something that rocks and rocks hard today though we have that covered too. Check out Eric Calderone’s heavy metal Westworld theme cover.

Really no matter what genre of music you love you can probably find a Westworld theme cover in it. It’s only a matter of time before we see the Westworld polka and Tibetan throat singing covers. Of course that makes these covers that manage to stand out all the more impressive. You’ve got to be good to get attention on YouTube with a Westworld theme cover these days.

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