ThreeZero reveals ultra-realistic Daenerys Targaryen figurine

High-end toymaker ThreeZero has finally revealed its ultra-realistic Daenerys Targaryen collectible figure, and made it available for pre-order. Sadly, if you’re looking to score one of these amazing pieces for the holidays, you’re out of luck. ThreeZero estimates that each order will be shipped by the 3rd quarter of 2017.

At 10.2 inches tall, this Dany figure is 1/6th to scale. As you can see in some of these images, it features a highly-accurate likeness of Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys on the show From the platinum blonde-rooted hair to the eyes to the soft PVC dermis on the arms and torso, everything is on point.

Daenerys comes with multiple exchangeable hands so she can be posed in multiple positions. She also has highly detailed clothing, including a blue traveling cloak, tunic, pants, vest and neckwear. This is an outfit Dany wore a lot in Seasons 3 and 4—most memorably, she had it on when she freed the Unsullied (before massacring their former owners) in “And Now His Watch Is Ended.” The figure even comes with slaver Kraznys mo Nakloz’s whip, as well as an extremely detailed Drogon figure. Keeping with the theme, Drogon is about as big as he was in Season 3 here.

ThreeZero has even posed Daenerys in a way that recalls that scene. Looking at her here, we can imagine she just gave Drogon the order to burn Kraznys’ face off.

Drogon isn’t the only dragon in the mix. As a Threezero Store Online Exclusive, the company is also Viserion (L 9cm, W 9cm) and Rhaegal (L 9cm, W 9cm) figurines, complete with a dragon perch.

Threezero has made other ultra-realistic Game of Thrones figurines, including ones of the Hound, Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark. This is the first time it’s made a figure based on a female character. It’s probably the best-looking and most realistic Daenerys Targaryen collectible figure on the market. ThreeZero went to great lengths to bring the Mother of Dragons to life, so to speak.

h/t Flickering Myth