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George R.R. Martin on the Golden Globes: ‘The Crown was the safe choice’

George R.R. Martin

A Song of Ice and Fire author and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin took to his Not a Blog earlier this week to weigh in on the Golden GlobesGame of Thrones was up for Best Drama and Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister) was up for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series. Sadly, neither won. Instead, the Best Supporting Actress award went to Olivia Colman for The Night Manager, and the Best Drama award went to The Crown, Netflix’s series about the early days of Queen Elizabeth II.

Martin wasn’t pleased. “Lena Headey lost, and GAME OF THRONES lost, and WESTWORLD and its two amazing actresses lost as well. Pfui.”

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association surprised me this year by nominating three genre shows — GOT, WESTWORLD, and STRANGER THINGS — for Best Drama, but in the end they reverted to form and passed over all of them in favor of the safe choice, the ‘prestige’ historical drama THE CROWN. (Which I did enjoy, mind you, even though I went away thinking that while it may have been good to be the king in the Middle Ages, it really sucked to be the queen in the 1950s). So: no Globes for us…The highlight of the Globes — and the day — was Meryl Streep’s speech.


The Crown. Image: Netflix

Is The Crown “the safe choice?” It’s true that the Hollywood Foreign Press tends not to give the Best Drama award to genre shows, although it has happened—Twin PeaksThe X-Files, and Lost have all earned this award in the past. Hell, The X-Files got it three times.

Having watched The Crown myself, I can say that the acting and writing is of a high quality. If Game of Thrones had to lose, I don’t mind that it was to The Crown. At least Game of Thrones has two more seasons remaining, which means two more opportunities for bringing home the gold.



  • The American elites are obsessed with British Royalty for some odd reason, no surprise they would pick the Crown over GoT….

    • It was the foreign press that cover Hollywood, not American elites.

      The Crown was well acted and written, but the subject matter was small potatoes. Should have gone to Westworld for Best Drama, Lena Heady for Best Actress.

  • Well, it is not like HFPA ever showed love to GoT. That said, The Crown was not the safest vote. It certainly didn’t have the popular vote, it is expensive, but as a brand, it is nowhere big as GoT or even Westworld. As people said, there is something about British royalty that makes various awarding bodies going bonkers… Nothing new :D

  • Well Americans allways vote for the wrong guy #bringbackbernie

    Westworld should have clean out the emmys. By fare better than stranger things which also was better than Got s6.

  • “Having watched The Crown myself, I can say that the acting and writing is of a high quality”

    — I personally thought that season 6 of GOT was probably one of the best versions of the show that they put out. I mean for the most part it was just played straight, they didn’t rely on gratuitous sex and violence. But the Crown was much, much, much superior. It’s very subtle, very sophisticated character and political drama. If GOT had employed the high level of writing that The Crown had. Then it wouldn’t have been sneeringly been refered to as ‘Tits and Dragons’ by some.