Iwan Rheon fears getting typecast as a villain, and more cast members updates


Actor Iwan Rheon left his mark on Game of Thrones as the sinister Ramsay Bolton, but as one might expect, he’s concerned he’ll be typecast for the rest of his life as a sadistic villain. However, that didn’t stop him from taking on the role of Adolf Hitler in an episode of Sky Arts’ new series Urban Myths, a show that retells possibly apocryphal stories about some of history’s most famous (and infamous) figures. As he says in the video below, “[if] you get offered to play Hitler in a half-hour sort of satirical view of him trying to be an artist, you can’t really turn it down.”

Speaking with YouTuber Jamie Stangroom, Rheon talked about playing the young Hitler, his music career, and of course, Game of Thrones.

Some fun bits about Ramsay in there:

  • Could Rheon take Kit Harington in a fight? “No problem.”
  • Was he happy with Ramsay’s death? “I thought it was very just and fitting.”

Naturally, there’s a part of Rheon that’s glad his time on the show is over, as it means he’s free to pursue whatever he wants for the first time in a while, “but obviously I’m really sad to leave such an amazing and not be a part of the whole thing anymore…I don’t think the character could have much further. I think it was the right time for him to go.”

Final tidbit: his mom hasn’t seen his work on Game of Thrones, as “she generally struggles with things that I’m in unless I’m a nice character.” She may not be watching his Urban Myths episode, either.

Speaking of being typecast, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is having none of that nonsense. Bustle reports that Dinklage, while speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, talked about playing a character completely different from the one he plays on Game of Thrones.

"I’m on a TV show with a specific character, and I don’t want to do that on my time off. Some actors get very popular at doing one thing, so they just do that, and that’s fine, they make a great living and all that, but that bores me. I would rather just change it up."

Dinklage is currently starring in a drama called RememoryHe plays Sam, a mysterious character trying to uncover the truth behind a murder. Per Bustle, he’s “utterly compelling” in the role, so here’s hoping it gets a wide release.

He also stopped by Vulture to promote the film, and ended up comparing life on a small movie set to life on the Game of Thrones set.

Moving on, Oona Chaplin, who portrayed Robb Stark’s wife Talisa during Game of Thrones Seasons 2 and 3, was approached by TMZ on the street and asked whether people tuned into Game of Thrones simply for the nudity and violence. She responded perfectly.

Good for you, Oona Chaplin—the whole “Game of Thrones is basically porn” argument is a bit played out. You can see Chaplin in her current role as Zilpha Geary in FX’s Taboo.

And finally, our favorite Greyjoy goddess Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) interviewed former Game of Thrones star Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) on the first episode of her new chat show on BBC Radio, The Chastity Butterworth Show. What’s more, she does in character as the aristocratic Butterworth.

We can’t embed the interview, but you can listen to it here—Charles Dance comes in around 18:45. “You’re so handsome, [Charles]. Look at Jo there, drinking you in like a cold milkshake on a hot day. Save us a sip, Jo.”

Of course, the two discuss Game of Thrones, and both get in plenty of great barbs. For example, here’s Whelan, as Butterworth, describing her relationship with the show: “I stopped watching when you died, but I hear now that’s it’s chock-full of lesbians, so I might just tune back in.”

This is a big departure from the no-nonsense, hard-nosed Yara Greyjoy that we’ve all come to know and love, but it’s in keeping with her background as a comedian. At least we know Whelan will have plenty of work when Game of Thrones ends, or if, gods forbid, something happens to Yara in Season 7.