Game of Thrones moves past Breaking Bad on IMDb’s list of top rated shows


Rejoice, Game of Thrones fans! HBO’s flagship series has moved up to number 4, surpassing AMC’s Breaking Bad, on IMDb’s list of the 250 top rated television shows.

According to the site, in order to make the list, a television show must be a series or mini-series. IMDb uses a formula that takes into consideration both the number of ratings each show receives, as well as the value of those ratings. A show must also receive at least 5,000 user ratings and have aired at least five episodes to make the list.

Here’s where Game of Thrones stands:

It’s interesting that the BBC’s Planet Earth and Planet Earth II are both ranked ahead of Game of Thrones. Ditto Band of Brothers, which has been out of circulation since 2001. But I suppose that Band of Brothers, a 10-episode mini-series, never really had a bad episode or a bad season. Compared to Thrones, which is going into its seventh season, there was less time for fans to become disgruntled.

Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones seem tied for fourth place with ratings of 9.4, but Game of Thrones has 1,109,117 user ratings whereas Breaking Bad has 942,002. As you can see, Thrones has barely just squeaked into the number 4 spot.

Then there’s the show in the number 6 slot: The Wire, a superb show that, in this writer’s opinion, doesn’t have a bad season or episode. It has a rating of 9.3, with 200,770 user ratings.

Interestingly, IMDb lets users see the demographics behind the votes. Per the site, females under the age of 18 gave The Wire an average rating of 7.3, while the same group gave Game of Thrones an average rating of 9.6. What does this mean? Nothing? Discuss.