Maisie Williams still filming Game of Thrones Season 7, doesn’t think she’ll ever “shake Arya”


Maisie Williams has been going on a bit of an interview tear lately promoting her new movie iBoy, out today on Netflix. But of course, no interviewer is going to let her go without a couple of questions about Game of Thrones. She stopped by Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio the other day, for example, and while she was hesitant to discuss the show, she did reveal that she’s still filming material. “We started in September and we’re still filming now.”

"I’ve completed a lot of my stuff, I’ve just got a couple of bits here and there."

We’d assumed that Maisie Williams had wrapped filming after she was photographed with a new set of braces at the BAFTA Tea Party a few weeks back, but apparently not so. Were they quick-acting braces? Will the special effects team lift them out? Did Westeros get an orthodontist? No matter—she’s still shooting.

Of course, Mayo picks up on her comment and extrapolates that, if Williams is still shooting, Arya Stark must live through the season, after which Williams gives a horrifying stammer and giggle before simply saying, “You’ll have to watch and see.”

Listen to the interview snippet below:

She also weighs in on what life will be like after Thrones is over. Naturally, it’s a bittersweet thought:

"It’s gonna be very different. And it’s gonna be really sad to say goodbye…I don’t think I’m ever gonna shake Arya. I think I’ll be known as Arya for a very, very, very long time. I’ve learned everything about acting on this show, and it’s given a real boost in this industry, and I’m gonna try and run with that."