HBO releases Game of Thrones-themed Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and HBO wants to make sure you have the perfect way to tell that special, Game of Thrones-loving someone that you care. It’s prepped several Valentine’s Day cards based on items available at the HBO Shop. Check them out below, and go spread some love.

Tormund and Brienne were the runaway romance of season 6, even though it kind of seemed to be a one-sided attraction. Actually, these card may be sending the wrong message. Based on the show, “You’re my Brienne” means that I find you fascinating. Does “You’re my Tormund” mean that I’m kind of creeped out by your constant leering?

They chose the perfect facial expressions for those mugs, though.

This one hearkens back to an oldie but a goodie of a romance: the brief, passionate marriage between Khal Drogo and his Daenerys Targaryen, his khaleesi. There’s was a love that burned briefly but brightly. A shame about that infected pec cut.

Daw, with her little dragon.

This one strikes me as a wee bit assertive for a Valentine’s Day card, but asking never hurt anyone.

So…this is clearly the best of the bunch, right? What a wonderful combination of sweet and bone-chillingly terrifying.

Remember that time Gregor Clegane gouged our Oberyn Martell’s eyes? HBO does, and with this card, so will your sweetie.

And again, the items featured on the cards—the mugs, the Funko POP figurines, the action figures—are available at the HBO Shop.