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All men must fall in love—The Top 12 Couples on Game of Thrones

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Game-Of-Thrones Jon and Ygritte

Game of Thrones doesn’t celebrate romantic love. Characters occasionally find each other, and they might enjoy some happiness, but often it ends in tears, or death, or disillusionment, or maybe the romance wasn’t all that healthy to start with. I like that. Popular fiction often puts romantic love in the spotlight, so it’s refreshing to watch a show that sees it as compromised and fleeting at best, and not the end goal for most of the characters.

Still, the show gives romantic love its due, and has featured it in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s examine some of the romantic relationships on the show, and see if we can’t find anything out about the nature of love in Westeros.

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  • Thank you, Dan. GoT is hardly a chivalric romance, but even among the politicking and mayhem it does contain beautiful nuggets of true and lasting love. How soon we forget, so it was good to be reminded. I suspect we’ll get a few more romances in the last two seasons. Happy Valentines to all.

  • What happened to Ramsey and Sansa. They were the most romantic couples. She even didn’t mind getting raped. Sorry. Had to add that.

  • Jon and Ygritte is number one for me. Tormund and Brianne or Arya and Gendry could eventually compete with it. “Oh my” for Sam and Gilly.

      • I tried to choose romances where there was at least SOME kind of consummation, whether legal, physical or otherwise. Lysa and Littlefinger were at least married, with all that that implies. Daenerys and Jorah were never more than advisor and advisee, however much he wished it were more. Daenerys didn’t want him to touch her romantically even BEFORE the greyscale, and now they literally can’t without risking infection.

    • I think that’s a close case. I mean, it was obviously a political arrangement, and Margaery was only interested in Tommen to the extent it meant she was queen. Maybe she could have fallen for him in time (I kinda doubt he was interesting enough for her), but they didn’t get much of a chance. He WAS head over heels for her, though.

  • Oberyn and Ellaria possibly?
    Mance and Dalla would have been on here if Dalla was in the show.
    And arguably the greatest romance of the story is Rhaegar and Lyanna, star-crossed lovers and all that. But with Rhaegar not actually being portrayed on the show I know it wouldn’t have made the list.

  • Oberyan and ellaria i was thinking the same thing.

    What about Osha and Broon, they really loved each other.

  • Brienne & Jaime! That is by far the most interresting romantic relationship. Through her noblesse and the sheer power of her character and dedication Brienne was able to stir a notion long buried beneath cynism and self loathing within Jaime. Is it strong enough to free him from Cersei’s influence? The speech he gave to Edmure seems to show otherwise. But there is hope. Will Brienne and Jaime come together, or will she have to slay him ecentually?

  • But the actual couple–the one that GRRM actually ships–is not included? I don’t understand why Jaime and Brienne aren’t featured. Not only are they not front and center, they’re not even included. Why not get someone who understands the relationships to rewrite this.

    • It’s cause this list is about couplings that have actually happened on the show. Jaime and Brienne are a potential couple. However much they’ve been through, they aren’t there…yet.

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