Heretofore unseen book character confirmed for Game of Thrones season 7


Game of Thrones may have already adapted the bulk of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, but there are still a few elements from the books that will show up in season 7 for the first time. Case in point: Watchers on the Wall reports that Megan Parkinson, an actress spotted filming scenes with major cast members at Linen Mill Studios several months back, will be playing Alys Karstark.

That info comes from Parkinson’s agency resume, which lists her working under “Various” directors, meaning she’ll be in at least two episodes. When Parkinson was first spotted on set, some assumed she was a body double for Sophie Turner (Sansa). Given her red hair and Northern garb, it was an easy mistake to make. (Although Sansa doesn’t seem the type to wear a sword belt.) But now we know the truth.

We’ve had several dealings with the Karstack family over the years. Lord Rickard Karstark marched with Robb in seasons 1, 2 and 3. But then, wrathful following the deaths of his sons Harrion and Thorrhen, Lord Rickard killed two Lannister prisoners without authorization, and Robb executed him.

Then, in season 6, Rickard’s son Harald Karstarck joined up with Ramsay Bolton—he hadn’t forgiven the Starks his father’s execution. Now we have Alys. In the books, she’s the only daughter of Lord Rickard Karstark, and we can probably assume the same holds true here.

But what will her role be? In the novels, she enters the story much earlier, before Jon is assassinated by members of the Night’s Watch. A strong-willed girl, she comes to Jon fleeing a family crisis, and they help each other. Since the show has already passed over much of that story, it’s harder to predict what she’ll do in season 7. But assuming that Harald is executed for joining up with the Boltons, that would make Alys the heir to Karhold. Sansa and Jon could talk to her regarding what to do with the Karstark lands and fortune.

One of the early casting calls for season 7 mentioned a 16-year-old girl who would be part of “a high-stakes scene with leading cast members.” It sounds like Alys is that character.

Watchers also reports that Ben Fox, a British actor whose credits include The Crown and MI-5, will be in season 7. Like Parkinson, he’ll be working under “Various” directors, according to his agency resume.