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The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience has begun, and fans love it

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience kicked off last night night in Minneapolis, and the internet is abuzz with feedback. Let’s take in some of the sights, sounds, and opinions coming in.

We’ve known for a long time that the Concert Experience would be opulent, but it’s great to get more detail. The below video, where a violinist stands inside the roots of a wierwood tree created with video screens, is quite evocative.

My god, it’s just so pretty!

Weirwood Tree – Game of Thrones Live Concert

That circle of screens get used for a lot of different purposes, as these galleries show:

GoT concert

GoT concert 2

There’s video out there for those who want to look, but we’ll avoid posting too much. All things being equal, this looks like something fans should experience for themselves, if they can.

Nevertheless, here’s a snippet of the concert’s opening. It involves the Game of Thrones main theme, naturally. The theme sounds just like it does on TV, but produced by a full orchestra.

And here’s a section all about the Battle of Castle Black in season 4:

One Redditor at the Minneapolis performance couldn’t recommend the experience highly enough. “[I]f you have an opportunity to see the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience – do it. Without a question it – do. it. Pony up the money and get ready to have an incredible time. I’m still geeked out over what we witnessed last night. The visuals combined with the chorus, orchestra, solists, et al were just stunning.”

I don’t know the actual production value of the show, but it had to be immense. From fire coming out of the sides of the video board as Drogon lit up the room to the Septor of Baelor’s final time standing, it was insane and intense. We saw weirwood trees shed leaves on the stage and snow fall, as well.

More galleries, for your perusal:

Game Of Thrones Concert

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Composer Ramin Djawadi will be taking this tour to a large number of cities over the next month and change. Here are the rest of the dates:

  • 2/22: Chicago, IL – United Center
  • 2/23: Columbus, OH – Nationwide Arena
  • 2/25: Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun
  • 2/26: Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
  • 3/01: Washington, DC – Verizon Center
  • 3/03: Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
  • 3/04: Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
  • 3/06: Boston, MA – TD Bank Garden
  • 3/07: New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
  • 3/09: Charlotte, NC – Time Warner Cable Arena
  • 3/11: Ft. Lauderdale, FL – BB&T Center
  • 3/12: Tampa, FL – Amalie Arena
  • 3/14: Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
  • 3/16: San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center
  • 3/17: Houston, TX – Toyota Center
  • 3/19: Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
  • 3/23: Los Angeles, CA – The Forum
  • 3/25: Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • 3/26: Phoenix, AZ – TalkingStick Resort Arena
  • 3/29: San Jose, CA – SAP Center
  • 3/31: Seattle, WA – Key Arena
  • 4/1: Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena
  • 4/2: Portland, OR – Moda Center

Brea a leg, everyone! It looks like the tour is off to a great start.


        • SuzyQ, so what did you think??? I was in section 118, between the Orchestra and bridge. perfect seat, as i could see literally everything, including the “performers screen” with close ups of the soloists just feet from me.

          Christine, thank you. the show was incredible. the expressions on your face, the sheer joy you expressed playing your solos…remarkable.

          Phenomenal show. the music was rich, the performers were lively and having so much fun, and the effects just made it so much more than the music. I’ll never listen to the Stark theme again without seeing falling red leaves, or never hear Greyjoy music without seeing that celloist stomping in the salt water. Too cool.

          Overall I enjoyed Act 1 more than Act 2, but only slightly. Act 1 really focused on the music of the show, while it seemed Act 2 featured a lot of “Scene” music. shorter pieces to fit the scenes they were showing. but then, Act 2 wrapped it up with ROUSING performances of “Hardhome”, “Reign”, “Battle of the Bastards”, and of course, “The Light of the Seven”. The effects alone during that number made it worth it. I loved that Ramin Djavadi took the time to talk to the audience, and share his mindset with some of the music. you can tell he truly loves what he gets to do.

          Overall, I would go again in a heartbeat. and as much as I love the soundtracks (have all 6), they will never be the same after SEEING them performed with such beauty and grace.

          Amazing show.

  • Thank you for this, Dan! I’ve been scouring the internet for reviews and feedback since verrryyyy early this morning. I couldn’t find much at the time, but I did ask someone how long the show is, since that could potentially be info people like me might want to know that have to drive a decent distance to the venue. I was told that the show was 2.5 hours, with a 20-minute intermission.

    I’m seeing the concert in Philadelphia on the 26th – couldn’t be more excited. Ramin has put a fantastic show together, and it’s living up to the hype!

    • Thanks for the heads up on the concert length! The concert starts at 8:00, so should be out by 11:00? Which means to bed by midnight hopefully? I don’t care how tired I am the next day, it will be worth it!

  • Thanks so much for posting all these incredible videos and images!! It looks so amazing!! I am going to the Chicago concert tomorrow night and I don’t think I will be able to sleep with excitement! I hope everyone who goes, has a great time! Wish everyone could go!

      • Not floor seats unfortunately🙁, but first tier from the floor, so should be pretty good!☺️I feel lucky just to be able to have the means to go and thankful it was close to where I live! Soooo excited!!

        • Oh yeah definitely! From what I’ve been told, there’s not a bad seat in the house. As far as time, it should be over by nearly 11pm. If you live close, you should be home before midnight.

          • Actually there are many bad seats and they closed my section, so I went from a row 1 to a row 18, as the sight lines are bad if you are not sitting in front of the two big screens.

        • I was at the Ex on Monday. You don’t want floor seats. 50 yard line (if you will). 5 or 6 rows up are best. Amazing show. Still in dreamland from this experience

  • Truly, truly an amazing experience! We were 3 of the 5 that went in costume and I highly recommend it! No better way to channel your inner Stark (or Targaryen or Lannister!). Utterly awe-inspiring!

  • While the music is wonderful, be aware of the seating. We purchased row 1 seats months ago and arrived at the Xcel Energy Center to be told that they closed the section and we were now being given row 18 in a totally new section which had terrible sight lines. No warning and we were not told why this was happening. Many people who were also forced to take new seats they did not pick out were also very upset about what happened. There were lots of empty seats, so you have to wonder if this played a part in the closing of sections of the stadium. Look at some of the photos and images posted above and you can see for yourself that if you are not dead center on the two big screens you will have a bad/limited view and you want to see the big screens as they play clips from the show. You want to see the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ and hear the music – it’s both a visual and musical experience. Also if you sit near the orchestra, you cannot see what happening at the other end with the individual artists. For example, we had no idea what the Weirwood Tree segment looked like until seeing the images posted online. While we could see the VIP section from our seats, our question was could the VIP sections see the two big screens which are really placed under the two big screens? There were other issues with the sound and it being too loud and kind of screechy in a few places (other reviewers have mentioned this online), some little sections on the big screen was not working and flickered blue, but hopefully these will be fixed for other performances.

    So overall wonderful music, but beware of where your seats are located because it greatly matters.

    • I saw the same with the screens flickering blue on the circular areas. The VIP area was given monitors to see what was on the jumbo-tron, but I doubt it’s the same… I noticed many craning their neck to see the large screens. In this case, it felt like we had the best seats. We sat nearly centered on the large screen, but 16 rows up… I feel like if you were too close, you’d be doing what the VIPs did.

      One thing I thought was strange: they didn’t request “no photography.” I probably would have brought one of my nicer cameras had I known.

      Hopefully they release this to disk so I can purchase and re-live the experience!

    • Thanks for the info, Melissa. My friend went that night as well and said he was re-assigned seats too, only he got better ones. That’s unfortunate that there are actually bad seats, especially since they boasted the whole “360-view” that could be seen just fine from any advantage. Maybe they’ll tweak things for the better, since it was only the first show.

  • I would bet the seating re-arrangement was due to the date change… A lot of people could probably attend a Friday show, but probably not a Monday show. One of our friends wasn’t able to join due to this… Less attendance, so they shut down most of the upper arena. I lucked out and was given the same area I purchased, just on the lower deck. It was perfect! Great show! -Just a small FYI if you attend… There’s one last score after they say their goodbyes. A remembrance of those passed on the show, if you will… A lot of people jumped up when they figured it was almost over and left. It’s not over until they take their bow.

  • Can anyone comment on how much explicit gore and/or nudity is displayed during the show? My kids really love fantasy, orchestral music, and the GoT music in particular, so we were considering taking them to the show.

  • I attended in St. Paul (not Minneapolis, as stated above). Nudity, as I recall, was non-existent in the video clips. There was some bloodletting, but it was pretty minimal and well edited. The one that might make parents with kids feel uncomfortable is the Red Wedding. Again, it’s edited, but it’s the Red Wedding, you still have to do it justice.

    Overall, a really fun experience. There’s nothing like geeking out with a bunch of fellow GoT fans, all watching kickass scenes from the show, with thunderous live music, while flashes of fire and smoke are going off.

    • Thanks so much for the reply! We’re really looking forward to the show. The kids are 13 and 15, and my 15 year old has read the books, so I think we’ll be good to go.

  • We got upgraded and ended up sitting dead center row 19. Which was perfect. Everything was eye level so it was a pretty cool show, but it did seem like those sitting in the corners and ends wouldn’t be able to see much

  • What was the attire that everyone wore to the show? Not sure if we should dress up for it in GOT attire or fancy clothes for the orchestra feel!

  • My family and I just saw the show last night in Chicago at the United Center. I cannot recommend this show enough! If you are GoT fan, this is a MUST!

    It was stunning, amazing, emotional and worth every penny! I was completely geeked out from the moment it started straight through to the end.

    They did a great job editing all of the footage and tying is so eloquently to the musical score. They do leave out a bit of gore therefore it is “safe” for younger child viewing, but they do the show a great justice by piecing all of the wondrous scenes with music that is heart-pounding at times. The lights, the fire, the musicians – all combined, just evokes such emotions… I felt like I was right there with Jon Snow, Sansa, Aria, Rob, Ned, Lady Stark, the Lannisters, Daenerys and of course, her dragons.

    If you have a chance to attend, do so! I think we got some of the best seats – mid-section so that you can see the orchestra, the large screens, and the multi-layer screens on either end, etc. The seats all the way at the front/bottom can be troubling as you won’t get the full view of all the action and you’ll be craning your neck the whole night looking up. The seats at either end, with the multi-layer screens, won’t allow you to see everything going on.

    Can’t wait for season 7!

    • I wa at the concert last night at the United Center in Chicago as well and I couldn’t have said it better myself!!❤I LOVED everything about the most wonderful concert experience of my life!! Incredible, amazing, unforgettable!! Ramin is a musical genius! The orchestra, choral group, and his traveling musicians and singers are superb!! The stage and huge screens were amazing! The stage was built to look like the mechanical gears at the opening in GoT! The weirwood tree scene was my favorite, the violinist was soooo good! Now I know what musical instruments make all those different sounds for the Dothraki! To see how far the show has come in every aspect since season one is amazing! I got very emotional just to be able to have the chance to experience this! And to share it with people who love GoT as much as you do, was the best! Thank you Ramin, HBO, GoT, George and Dave and Dan for creating s phenomenon that is GoT!!❤😍⚔️👑

  • I am very curious to hear about whether or not the VIPs enjoyed the experience. Having to crane your neck to see the screen seems like a pain. I purchased VIP prior to knowing about the screen because of the VIP pre-event. Is it worth it?

  • Saw the show in Philly and it was spectacular! Does anyone have a set list from the show. I’d love to assemble a “mix tape” from all the GoT albums I own. I realize a few numbers were unique to the show (including an amazing rendition of The Rains of Castamere). Still hoping they make an album from the show!

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