HBO debuts the first poster for Game of Thrones season 7


It has begun. Over the past week, HBO has been slowly trickling out new, official teasers and images for Game of Thrones season 7. There are two new “In Production” teasers now in rotation, and teaser posters have shown up on the sides of buses in Austin in preparation for the show’s presence at this year’s South by Southwest festival, which kicks off this weekend.

Now, Entertainment Weekly has debuted the official version of that teaser poster. Ice, meet fire:

They’re going rather conceptual for this one, aren’t they? The fire represents Daenerys, the ice represents Jon Snow and/or the Night King, and finally the groups are meeting up. That’s what I’m taking from it, anyway. It’s not quite as inflammatory as the poster released before season 6, but I like it.

You’ll also note that there’s no premiere date, or even a premiere month, on the poster. HBO continues to keep that one close to its chest. WiC will be on hand for the SXSW panel, bringing you all the info that’s fit to bring. Now that the first official teasers have started to trickle out, hopefully the floodgates will open.