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HBO announces the premiere date for Game of Thrones season 7!

For months, all we’ve been hearing is that Game of Thrones season 7 will be out “this summer.” Now, finally, we have some specifics. HBO took to Facebook Live today and announced the premiere date for the new season. And it is…*insert drumroll*…

July 16, 2017!

Well, that’s a load off our chest. Now we can stop waiting for a premiere date announcement and just start waiting for the premiere. HBO also played a new trailer, of sorts, after they revealed the date on Facebook Live.

This announcement comes on the heels of an increased promotional push from HBO. Just the other day, the company unveiled a new teaser poster.

And before that, they unveiled two short “In Production” videos, one featuring a random hand holding Oathkeeper, Brienne’s Varlyian steel sword…

…and one featuring Lena Headey (Cersei) getting makeup applied to her face.

And there may be more in store. HBO will have a big presence at this weekend’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. First, HBO will have an “escape-the-room style experience” featuring rooms modeled off several HBO shows, including Game of Thrones. Then on Sunday, actors Maisie Williams (Arya) and Sophie Turner (Sansa) will take the stage with executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss to discuss…well, that’s what we’re wondering. We’ll be on hand to bring you all the details.

Incidentally, while HBO was doing a Facebook live stream to reveal the premiere date, we did our own Facebook Live stream…where we watched their Live Stream. Things got pretty loopy as we waited over an hour for a block of ice to melt. Enjoy.


  • As much as I hate to say it (I wanted that spoiled plot point to be tinfoil…) I believe the ice melting by fire, paired with the rocks crumbling as Jon mentions the Great War, combined with the different shape of the eye turning blue at the end of the teaser foreshadows the ice dragon bringing down the wall as the spoiler to end all spoilers speculated a few months back…

    When the WW turned Crastor’s last baby sacrifice into a baby walker at the end of GOT 4×04, the blue eye had a smaller pupil and an actual iris (see at 2:15 in video below) compared to the blue eye at the end of today’s teaser trailer, which is more cat shaped with a larger pupil and no iris (more animal/dragon like IMO). https://youtu.be/VFA4-iPLG2Q

    It could just be an inconsistency because years have passed between the making of the two, I suppose only time will tell! 🔥❄️

    • Re: blue iris
      No, it’s a foreshadowing of how GoT will blend into “Westworld”. You may have noted in the last few eps of WW the “medieval Japan”-world ‘bots going through their paces. Why not “WesterosWorld”??

  • Also, what if the sword from the in production video isn’t Oathkeeper, but Widow’s Wail? The hand holding it looks like it belongs to a man, and a ginger at that given the fair skin and freckles. I can’t see Brienne letting anyone else handle her sword, and D&D made a big deal out of the making of both swords at the beginning of season 4. Did we see it again after Joffrey used it to cut the pigeon pie? Did Tommen ever wield it? Perhaps Cersi gives it to one of her new minions– or perhaps she gives it to Eurion Greyjoy and it’s his hand we see. The coloring fits. Valerian steel will be important in the wars to come, given that it was such a rare and valuable commodity even before we knew it killed walkers… plus knowing that the sword was made from Ice of house Stark, and that it inadvertently took on the Targaryen colors when they tried to make it Lannister crimson, I’ve got a feeling that the symbolism is too great, and that good king Joff’s wedding gift has to come back into play sooner or later.

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