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No, Maisie Williams didn’t reveal that Sansa Stark will die in Game of Thrones season 7

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If, like myself, you’re a fan of the Stark sisters, you were probably interested to see Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner take the stage alongside Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX this past weekend. It was a fun talk that gave us a handful of interesting tidbits concerning the final two seasons, but one moment concerning Sansa Stark’s fate sent many fans into a tailspin.

When Sophie Turner was asked why she had ditched her famous red locks for her current blonde look (her natural hair color, FYI), Maisie Williams quipped, “She’s dead.” This innocent joke was immediately seized upon, with various fans and websites scrambling to speculate on whether Williams had let the cat out of the bag.

Fans of the elder Stark sister were not happy, and took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

While I, a diehard Sansa Stark fan, understand why the prospect of her death has sent her supporters into a panic, I also think that Williams’ comment needs to be taken with several grains of salt. If she had been intending to let such a huge spoiler slip, it’s not likely that she would have done so in front of her employers. Anyone can make a mistake, but Williams has had six years to practice her secret-keeping skills, and she undoubtedly would have been extra careful to keep those secrets under wraps around Benioff and Weiss.

Sophie Turner has also been blonde since filming for season 7 began. She used to dye her hair red, but this year she followed in the footsteps of Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey and got fitted with a wig. Here she is next to a glum-looking Kit Harington, a man who has had no control over his hair for over half a decade.

The fact that Williams “confirmed” Sansa’s death in response to a question about Sophie’s blonde hair is as much proof as any — the whole thing was a joke that got a little out of hand. Although it’s true that Game of Thrones is a show in which no character is safe, Williams’ comments, along with some interesting information from Turner herself, may just serve as confirmation that one Stark, at least, is set to survive to season 8. Don’t dig out your mourning clothes just yet.


  • Obviously she wouldn’t have said she was dead if she actually is. It’s clearly a joke. However, by joking about it it’s now become obvious that Sansa does not die in the next season which is kind of a spoiler in itself

    • I thought the same thing. It’s ironic, but quite typical of the internet these days, to get shocked and outraged about something that is actually the opposite of what really happened.

  • Sophie said she will start filming for seaaon 8 after her current venture.Maisie then comes up with this.The thing is Sophie gave away too much and this may be looked liked an attempt to cover that.However both fell flat and we can safely assume Sansa will be there in season 8

  • I would imagine having to dye your hair for 6 years would be annoying and also damaging. It’s one thing to do it by choice but another by someone elses. Just ask Kit who probably grew his hair so he didn’t have to wear a wig after season 1. Pretty sure Maisie was having a laugh knowing the internet meltdown such a comment would cause. Love it.

  • One can only hope Sansa dies. The character of Sansa and actress Sophie are overated as fuck. Maise and arya on the other hand are cool shit. Lol

    • Yeah, I agree though I don’t want even Sansato bite the dust. Folks, Maisie, Sophe and the showrunners are all trolls and enjoy pulling one on the fans. C’mon, every year people get there kicks outta guessing and predicting whos gonna die. If the D-boys know there storytelling stuff, theyre gonna keep all the starks alive next season. After that all bets are off.

  • So funny. Some people take everything and anything the cast says so serious and over analyze it lol:)
    Maisie I’m sure knows how to to keep spoilers under wrap! She proved it last season about Jon Snow’s fate!

    I have been thinking that one of the Stark sisters might die.
    So maybe it’s Arya. Hope not!
    Sophie’s statement that not all of them make it to S8, that she cried after reading the script. The matching tattoos. I’m over analyzing here myself lol.
    But I’m sure they’ll have another heartbreaking death for us in store. As long as it isn’t Jon or Tyrion I’ll be fine.

  • Agreed. She wouldn’t have said it if it were true. Is it possible that she said she’s dead because nobody would ever expect her to say so if it were and it is just a big fake-out? Sure. But, I doubt it.

    I personally have a theory that Sansa likely will die and I can’t help but shake the feeling that Arya is going to be the one to give her the gift. If I had to bet, LF is going to manipulate her into contesting Jon for the throne to the North and appeal to her pride and contempt for him as a bastard (which is better drawn out in the books). Then, when Arya has to pick sides, she chooses Jon. Keep in mind that Sansa basically treated Arya like crap in the books. Yes, I know the books are different and that different directions are being taken, but the show is more or less trying to end up in roughly the same-ish place in a big picture sense.

    I’d point out that there has *never* been an instance of a manipulation failing to work on Sansa. The character is completely hopeless.

    • I believe exactly the opposite. Arya will never betray her family and neither sister is stupid enough to be manipulated by Petyr. Arya never was, and Sansa knows his MO. Littlefinger will try to interfere, and he’ll die for it. I’d stake my house on it.

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