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‘Hey, they were in Game of Thrones’—Where else have you seen these 50 GoT cast members?

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Header photograph: Lena Headey as Kate in the 2008 action-adventure movie “The Red Baron.”

Did you ever wonder where else you might have seen members of the Game of Thrones cast? Some of them, like Sean Bean and Diana Rigg, are well-established veterans with huge lists of credits, while others, like Kit Harington and John Bradley-West, landed their roles right after they graduated acting school. Others never had any acting experience whatsoever before joining the cast, but almost all of them have some small, oddball, or even leading performances that most of us aren’t aware of.

Let’s go digging to see what we can find.



Over the course of a long career, Sean Bean (Eddard Stark) is well-known for 1) playing a lot of bad guys and 2) dying onscreen. Bean was one of the easily recognizable faces when Game of Thrones first hit the air. Audiences might have known him from his roles as Alec Trevelyan in GoldenEye, Boromir in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Odysseus in Troy. He’s also voiced a number of video games, including Civilization IV and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Bean has also starred in many TV productions, one of his most successful being the Napoleonic-era Richard Sharpe TV movie series from the UK. In fact, it may have been his portrayal of the dashing Sharpe that got him the part of Ned Stark. At least, that’s when A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R. Martin became a fan of his. When Bean was doing an interview with Hero Complex in 2011, George R.R. Martin dropped by tell Bean: “It was a terrific series,” he told Bean in a conversation recorded right around the time the first season was premiering. “That’s when I became a fan of yours.”


We went digging for one of Bean’s earliest cinematic efforts. Above, he’s looking sufficiently street tough/80s hip in his first onscreen role as Horace Clark on the The Bill TV series in the 1984 episode “Long Odds.” The Bill was the longest-running police procedural drama (1984-2010) in the history of British TV.

The Bill wasn’t Bean’s first professional gig, however: after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he starred in a theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet in 1983. What’s next for the always busy Bean? He’s slated to appear in the TV series Broken and two features, Drone and Dark River, in 2017.

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  • WOW!! Thank you so much Richard for all your time and research you did to put this article together!!👏 Loved reading about all the other projects the GoT actors have been involved in! So many times I will be watching a show and say….Hey, there’s so and so from GoT! Or things I have already seen and watch again and didn’t know I was watching GoT actor. I know many of them will go on to have great acting careers, and I will be excited to watch them! Thanks again Richard!👍

  • Noah Taylor was in a gem of a science fiction movie ,no body saw, Predestination, with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook .
    It is not clear if Carice van Houten is even in season 7 of GoT, from all we know she might not be, witch is passing odd.
    Carice played Leni Riefenstahl in the film Race last year.
    Carice just had a baby that’s probably keeping her out of films for right now.

  • I hate to correct however, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was not in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. It was Iain Glen as the villian.

  • I just saw Lena Headey in an old episode of Law & Order:SVU. She played a college student lying about being raped to get attention. Gooe preparation for Cersei? (Lying, conniving bitch). Also, Margaery was Olenna’s granddaughter, not her daughter. Jerome Flynn has a great singing voice. He has nothing to be ashamed of about being in Robson & Jerome.

  • A young Mace Tyrell is in a Gomez video, being scared of an escalator!! Whippin Picadilly, give it a watch!! I can’t work out how to add a link…

  • Kate Dickie was also in the tv-movie series called PILLARS OF THE EARTH (2011), adaptation from the book of the same name. She was the wife of Tom the Builder played by Rufus Sewell.

    Ian McShane aka Septon/Brother Ray played Bishop Bigod too.

  • Anyone around in the UK in the 90s will remember just how huge a deal (for better and worse) Robson Green and Jerome Flynn were. They blew up overnight after an episode of Soldier, Soldier! that had them singing Unchained Melody. All the housewives and grannies went nuts for them!

  • Brilliant! You saved me hours of searching on IMDB. And it was so liberating to finally say ‘Ahhhh, that’s where I had seen him/her!’

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