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Game of Thrones actress talks diversity in media, others land new gigs

In the words of the immortal pop star Conner Friel, the Game of Thrones cast just won’t stop stopping. With such an enormous cast, someone’s always up to something. First up, Ms. Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel spoke to Hunger Magazine about the lack of diversity in Hollywood casting.

There has been an improvement in casting, but what I often worry about is because it’s been called out that means that now people are saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to make it really diverse.’

Will it be that they just do the one film and then it goes back? If you go up for anything, you know there is always a cast of people and a small number of them are [from] a minority.

Emmanuel doesn’t implicate Thrones in her comments, but the show has been accused of a lack of racial diversity before. Emmanuel went on to praise the racial diversity of the Fast and the Furious franchise, of which she is now a part.

Their audience is from all over the world and they have got people from all parts of the globe in those movies, of all colours and all ethnicities, and I think that is really important.

For me, when I was growing up, not seeing anyone on television that looked like me or that I could identify with was really hard, and that can affect someone’s self-esteem hugely.

Elsewhere, Maisie Williams (Arya) continues to add to her resume, this time securing a role in the film Departures, per the Poughkeepsie Journal.

The movie, directed by Peter Hutchings, is said to revolve around a “spunky” teenager named Skye. That’s Williams’ role. Skye, who has a terminal illness, will befriend “Calvin, a 19-year old hypochondriac who is afraid of his own shadow.” The film will focus on the pair’s attempt to complete Skye’s “eccentric bucket list.” No release date is yet scheduled, but it sounds like fun.

Finally, Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) also has a new project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dormer will play the detective Gabriel Markham in the joint BBC Cinemax project Relik. Relik, a six part mini-series, “will tell the story of a serial killer in reverse, with the drama moving backwards in time to the very beginning.” Dormer will play the lead detective assigned to capturing the as-yet-uncast serial killer. Hopefully Dormer makes it out alive in this one.

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      • I wish icould KL. But everything is becoming so anti white with everything and everyone. Fucking truth right there

        • Yeah! That’s so true! That’s why all the richest people aren’t white and the new (racist) president is also not white. Everyone is human and the same, we are tired of white people thinking they are the top of the heap. You aren’t.

    • I think it is sad and disturbing that an actress who is asking for equal opportunity is so frightening to some people that they think it a threat of genocide. Why are they so frightened ?

      • Erin you are such a fool. Genocide is a example of the ANTI white shit thats hoing around. You are probably a part of it

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          People are using your fear and anger to manipulate you. Don’t let them. Free yourself.

  • Maisie’s new movie Departure will film in Upstate New York next month in the same county that Peter Dinklage lives in! Maybe she’ll stop and say Hi!

  • Speaking of new gigs, I gave iron fist with Finn Jones and the Sand snake a chance. It became annoying with the amount of times they say Danny Rand, or Danny. I feel like it should be a drinking game.

    The show feels slow paced so far. The poison weapons and staff the actress(sand snake) fights with seemed very GOT. I don’t know maybe season two will be better.

    I am serious about them saying his name far too much in the show. The first two episodes sort of went like this.. I shit you not lol… he looks like Danny rand , it can’t be Danny Rand , He thinks he’s Danny Rand , I think he could be Danny Rand ,he might be the real Danny Rand , Are you Danny Rand, yes I’m Danny Rand,I’m the real Danny Rand, maybe he is,Danny Rand, does he have proof he’s Danny Rand,he has no way to prove he’s Danny Rand, Me and Danny ate all but brown m&m’s he’s definarely Danny Rand!! Lmao and ughhhhhhhh!

    I became so annoyed watching it, I turned it off! Writers FFS! Write a better script!!!

    🖓it’s too annoying to enjoy!!

  • I remember not long ago, a reporter brought GRRM on his show and proceeded to chastise and verbally attack the author. Accusing him of being racist because of the lack of diversity In both the books and show. Which are based off MIDEVIL EUROPE!!!!

  • It’s getting old hearing the complaints of diversity tbh. What about the not so “attractive”, or deemed A list actors that don’t get offers or make it in Hollywood.

    Hollywood for the most part is like a High school popularity contest. Sure talent and luck play some part… but it mostly comes down to looks,money,or who you know,or (are related to in the biz).

    If you have some bankable quality to draw the fans you’re in. They will take a chance on you. Let’s interview the actors that don’t make it and see how they feel about Hollywood.

    • Of course it would get old to someone who wouldnt give sh*ts at all about anyone else pretty or not so pretty anyhow. Girl bye.

      • @Huh?

        You missed my point. My point is there are a minority of actors that don’t fit into Hollywoods “it factor” Why not interview them and let them explain minority from their point of view.

        I wasn’t saying I don’t give a shit lol. I was just making a statement. Don’t call me girl, that’s quite ridiculous! Lol

        Choose your words carefully next time,you made no sense.

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  • Filling a medieval type show with minorities just for the sake of diversity makes as much sense as casting all white guys to play the NWA in “Straight outta Compton”

  • I’m growing tired of all the racial comments, everything is about diversity as if it never existed? I’m Latina & I’ve never been anti-white. Looks to me that now the new racists are those that are anti-white. How about stop blaming white people for everything. Here’s the truth..more Latinos & Blacks have discriminated against me than whites have. I’ve grew up in the ghetto & will assure you that Latinos & Blacks are just as racists if not more. I will not apologize for telling the truth either.

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