Pilou Asbæk talks Euron Greyjoy’s role in season 7, hints at season 8

Euron Greyjoy appeared in only two episodes of Game of Thrones season 6, but actor Pilou Asbæk made an impression. Asbæk, who is currently doing publicity for his role in the live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, recently answered questions about what’s coming nextMinor SPOILERS follow below.

Speaking to MTV News, Asbæk was asked how much hell Euron raises in season 7. “Enough to get satisfied — good satisfied.” Well, that doesn’t bode well for his Theon and Yara, his niece and nephew.

Asbæk refused to go into more detail, citing an aversion to spoilers developed as a kid.

I went to the cinema when I was a kid, and in Denmark, the transit between exiting and entering the cinema is very short, so when people are exiting, you come in to see the film again… It was The Sixth Sense, and this guy was coming out, and he said, ‘I can’t believe Bruce Willis was dead!’ Ever since then, I was like, ‘I’m never, ever, ever going to spoil anything for anyone else.’

Fair enough. Still, Asbæk gets asked a lot of questions, and it’s hard to be vigilant all the time…

When Miami.com asked about his future plans, Asbæk gave a cryptic reply:

I may be going to do some more “Game of Thrones.” Maybe I won’t. I’ll take a break. I want to see my wife and daughter. I’ve missed them a lot.

As season 7 is now in post-production, Asbæk can only mean season 8. His reply is non-committal, but could suggest that Euron doesn’t survive season 7. Or he could be playing with us. Seems like something Euron might do.

Game of Thrones season 7 debuts July 16th.

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