Gemma Whelan’s Game of Thrones audition could not have been more awkward


When most of us have a job interview, we’re forced to sit and entertain a series of questions designed to determine our suitability for the position. Some of the questions might be harder to answer than others, but no job interview you’ve been a part of could ever be as uncomfortable as the one Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) endured for her role on Game of Thrones.

The following is not safe for work. Or children. It’s barely okay for Morgan Freeman.

On a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Whelan relayed the details of her audition. HBO requested Whelan act out the first scene where we meet Yara: her reunion with brother Theon Greyjoy. This being Game of Thrones, the reunion was unorthodox — you’ll recall that that while Yara recognized Theon, he didn’t recognize her, and tried to get closer than was appropriate for a brother and sister.

And if all the incest wasn’t awkward enough, the fact that the horse was “farty” just kept it coming.

Interestingly, the original scene had Yara “worrying” Theon, not the other way around. Whelan handled the situation like a professional, although a cameraman apparently had to correct her, um, technique.

Anyway, we’re glad Whelan landed the role, and hopefully it remains the toughest audition she ever has. For reference, here are some of the other cast members in their auditions.

h/t Mashable