A New Promo for The Upcoming Doctor Who Season Focuses on The Doctor and Bill’s relationship

Doctor Who releases more fodder for the hype machine with his video featuring Steven Moffat and stars dishing on the Doctor and Bill’s relationship.

As if we need any help working ourselves into a lather over the fast approaching Doctor Who season premiere! The official BBC Doctor Who Instagram released this short clip featuring showrunner Steven Moffat and stars chatting about the relationship between the Doctor and Bill.

Although there are going to be a lot of goodbyes at the end of season 10, it seems like Moffat has

“He’s the one who understands the universe, and she’s the one who feels it.” Steven Moffat on the Doctor and his companion, Bill.

some big plans for these two in season ten.  In the short clip, Mackie characterizes their relationship as initially being that of a “tutor/student.”  However, Capaldi goes on to remark about it’s evolution as well.

He comments, “it’s becomes more complex than that.” Mackie suggests, on Bill’s end anyway, “it’s become much more of a fascination.” Mackie thinks Bill’s fascination centers on how the Doctor’s mind works, but she believes the Doctor’s interest with her lies with her being so “keen to get involved.

Moffat went on to say the Doctor, by this point, is “inured to the wonders.” But he can only “reconnect with that by seeing it through Bill’s eyes.” In turn, Moffat says that Bill isn’t able to see the universe at all unless the Doctor “opens the blue doors” for her.

Peter Capaldi calls “the expansion of [Bill’s] mind” “quite extraordinary,” and credits the expansion to her involvement in his “extraterrestrial adventures.” You have to love how Capaldi can both upsell and down play something all at one.

This sounds like the show is cooking an interesting dynamic, with a sharp focus on Bill and the Doctor.  Since it is the farewell season for both Moffat and Capaldi, and probably Mackie as well, I have a feeling we have something pretty special in store.